Brown Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

How To Style Your Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Looking to modernize your brown kitchen cabinets?

You have scrolled through Pinterest, Instagram, and whole host design blogs and it’s come to your attention that brown kitchen cabinets are seriously not in style! Many trendy homemakers are scrapping the handcrafted look and opting for a modern design full of bright whites and shiny grey surfaces.

Well, here at Gifted House we know that interior fashion can change fast! Your brown kitchen cabinets are gorgeously unique and should be shown off in all of their vintage glory. We’re here to tell you how you can get the most out of your beautiful brown cabinets and give them a glamorous modern edge.

Types of Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Image: Brown Kitchen Cabinets
Of course, no wood is the same. “Brown” is a rather large umbrella in which many different types of wood are sheltered underneath.

Let’s take a look at the different types:

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood boasts red undertones (as you may have guessed). The rich color of cherry wood cabinets is warm and comforting within a home setting. Smooth and supple they have a luxurious and timeless feel as they darken with age!

Pecan Wood

Pecan Wood comes in many different shades. From very light to dark brown and everything in between Pecan Wood is a unique addition to the home. Flaunting a very natural-looking, rustic appearance, Pecan Wood is both smooth and seriously strong!

Maple Wood

Maple wood is the lightest of the brown kitchen cabinets. Almost creamy white in color with occasional darker brown undertones, Maple wood has a subtle pattern that has a modern, consistent appearance.

Walnut Wood

Walnut wood has a classic look that features simple, straight grain patterns and gentle hues. Your kitchen cabinets may range from light, grey-ish brown to deep chocolate.

Oak Wood

A popular choice for homeowners in the late 90’s.  Oak Wood cabinets has very distinct graining which gives every cabinet a unique look. Oak can range from light yellowish-brown to deeper pink and red tones. Oak Wood flaunts lines, leafy patterns, and watermarks due to the mineral deposits it holds.

There are many more types of Brown Wood available. If you would like to learn more about different grains and materials you can use for your kitchen cabinets take a look here.

Color Combinations

Let’s take a look at how you can style your wood to create a modern feel. Check out these color combinations for countertops, wall colors, and flooring.

Countertops for Brown Cabinets

Here are some of the popular countertops that go well with brown kitchen cabinets.

White Countertops with Brown Cabinets

Imgae: White Countertops with brown cabinetsWhite countertops look stunning when paired with darker brown cabinets. They give the room a brighter edge and draw out the chocolate or red undertones alive in your wood. A perfect contrast which works well to lift the kitchen and give smaller spaces and airier feel.

Black Countertops

Brown cabinets with Black countertops
Black countertops are perfect if you are going for a classic look. They work well with light to medium brown cabinets, especially when paired with light walls (more on that later). Be careful if you’re using black countertops with dark brown cabinets. The room may become too dark and dingy.

Grey Countertops

Brown cabinets with grey countertops
A great way to modernize your space is by using a light grey countertop. Grey is super trendy right now and is an easy way to transport your old wooden kitchen into the 21st century. Grey quartz countertops work well with both dark and light wooden cabinets and open you up to many wall and floor combinations.

Brown Cabinets and Wall Colour 

White Wall

Brown cabinets with White Walls
If you’re looking to inject your kitchen with a fresh and airy feel then adding white walls or a backsplash is the perfect option. White works particularly well with darker cabinets or countertops as it provides great contrast and draws attention to the beautiful darker hues of your cabinets.


Popular in today’s interior design climate! Grey walls are really versatile and will match pretty much any brown cabinet. If you’re after a seamless look, try finding a grey that matched your grey countertop. It will give the kitchen a chic edge and draw attention to the gorgeous wood underneath.

Brighter Tones

Everyone loves a pop of color! If you want to give your kitchen a little punch in a brighter direction try using a light blue or green. Both are very welcoming colors and keep the room light and fresh.

You could also try a statement wall, which works very well with light brown cabinets. The other walls should be white or light grey to balance out the room. My personal favorite is a dark blue single wall combined with white to give the kitchen a little spice!

Brown Cabinets and Flooring 

What flooring colors match with brown kitchen cabinets? Here are a few ideas for you.

Grey Wood or Tiles

Again, grey works well with all shades of brown cabinets. When combined with light walls it lifts the room and adds a modern edge. Try to keep your grey flooring a similar shade to the one used on the walls. This creates unity within your space and has a refreshing, relaxed feel.


What better way to show off your wood than combining it… with wood! Wooden floors have a timeless feel and work well when they harmonize together. If you have darker cabinets be careful when choosing this option as the room may become too dark. If this is the case make sure to lighten the walls with a bright white or light grey.

Light flooring

If you have opted for darker cabinets and countertops then take a look at some light-colored flooring options, be this wood, tile, or laminate. A light floor will create a spacious feel and highlight your cabinets. Of course, if your kitchen is accustomed to muddy shoes or paws, this may be one to avoid!

I hope you find the perfect match for your brown kitchen cabinets. Any questions – comment below!