Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets
Are Cherry wood cabinets out of style? Cherry wood has been popular in home décor for hundreds of years without going out of style. What’s the secret, you ask? Well, it has a beauty that only grows with age.

Cherry hardwood boasts a wonderfully rich color that brings life and warmth to any home. Ranging from a more delicate gold-brown to a deep luxurious brown-red, the color of cherry wood matched with its strength and durability makes it a perfect material for kitchen cabinets and other furniture.

We understand that cabinets alone don’t make a great kitchen, so we’re here to help you make the best design choices to incorporate the beauty of cherry wood into your ideal kitchen.

Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Cabinets

Cherry wood goes with many different colors to give many different styles, so personal preference for the style of kitchen you want will play a big part in what wall color is best for you. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite color combinations that are sure to make your kitchen look fantastic.

Bring out the color with white walls

Cherry cabinets with White Walls
The plain aesthetic of a white wall contrasts against the richness of the cherry wood, bringing out the wood’s color and making it pop more. The darker your cherry wood, the more the color will pop with a white wall. If you’re going for a livelier feel and are looking to show off your beautiful cabinets then this is the combination for you.

Green for a complementary color contrast

If you want to bring out the red color in the cabinets, but white doesn’t do it for you, consider a shade of green! Red and green are complementary colors and will create high contrast, putting more emphasis on your cabinets.

Cherry wood cabinets with green walls
Modern kiitchen with cherry wood flooring, dark cherry cabinets and matching green wall at Gifted

There are many different green shades to choose from, so look around and see what suits your style! Personally, I really like grey-green, but brighter shades work great too if you’re looking to give your kitchen more life. 

Navy blue for a cooler look

The deep color of cherry wood cabinets matched with equally deep color like navy blue will allow the cabinets to blend in and stand out less. The warm red of the cabinets will contrast against the cooler blue, creating a calm atmosphere. If a less vivid and more balanced neutral look is what you like the sound of then this color combo will suit you.

Bright yellow like a sunflower

If a more joyful and pleasant style is your kind of thing, then yellow walls will be perfect for you. The red-brown cherry wood matched with the brightness of yellow walls will bring color to your kitchen and give it a cheerful, welcoming feel. 

Cabinet-Countertop Combinations

Choosing the right color for your countertop to compliment the cabinets well is equally as important as choosing your wall color. The material you choose is really important too, as different materials have certain advantages over others. Here are some of our top recommendations for countertops that go well with cherry wood cabinets:

Cherry wood cabinets with white countertops

White, again, is a great color for putting emphasis on your cherry cabinets and bringing out their vivid color.

Cherry wood cabinets with white countertops
Cherry wood kitchen cabinets with white countertops at Gifted
Both marble and quartz countertops boast an incredible white color that will add subtle beauty to your kitchen. Quartz is arguably the better choice as it is more durable and resistant to staining than its counterpart, however, both are excellent choices if properly taken care of.

Tan countertops for a classic feel

Light brown works incredibly well with the rich color of the cherry cabinets – it’s a fantastic classic look that is sure to make your kitchen feel homely and warm. Granite is an excellent material for this countertop color choice.

Grey will blow you away

Grey countertops will give your kitchen a fantastic modern feel when paired with cherry cabinets. This color combination works best with lighter grey countertops to contrast with the deep color of the cabinets, but darker greys and even black can work well so long as you choose a lighter wall color to keep the room from being too gloomy.

Best Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets

Choosing a backsplash will largely be up to your style and preference. Matching the backsplash to your wall color isn’t always the best option but it can often look great and help your kitchen to seem more unified. 

Also, color isn’t the only thing to decide on here either! Modern backsplashes often utilize tiles that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and patterns, giving you a plethora of customization options for your kitchen. Tiles are an affordable way to spice up your kitchen however you want and are also super easy to clean (yay)!

Let’s jump into some of our favorite backsplashes looks with cherry cabinets: 

White-tiled backsplash

You guessed it, white again! You’ll rarely go wrong incorporating white with cherry wood because it gives a great contrast that helps bring out the red color, resulting in a really nice look. A lighter-colored backsplash is a must if you decide to go with a darker countertop with your cherry cabinets too.

Stone backsplash

Dark Cherry cabinets with white backsplash
Extending your countertop up into your backsplash by using the same stone material is a popular choice in many households and can make for a really nice unified kitchen look. For cherry cabinets, it’s best to choose a lighter colored stone for best results. Though more costly than a tiled backsplash, the investment in a stone backsplash is definitely worth it as your kitchen is guaranteed to look fantastic.

Mosaic backsplash

Is your kitchen feeling a little too plain for your liking? Consider adding some spice by mixing tiles on your backsplash! Choosing three or four different colored tiles and mixing them up on your backsplash to create a mosaic can add a beautiful uniqueness to your kitchen. I find more neutral shades work best, as you don’t want to draw too much attention away from your cherry cabinets after all!