Cleaning Stainless Steel With Vinegar

Is there a fingerprint on your new fridge or oven? Are you looking for ways to clean your new stainless steel? Many people nowadays use vinegar to clean the stains on their new appliances made of stainless steel. So, is it acceptable to clean stainless steel with vinegar? Please keep reading to find out everything about it.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

Can You Clean Stainless Steel With Vinegar?

Everyone wants their stainless steel to look like their showroom selves. This is why a single fingerprint on your new fridge or oven may cringe you. There are many commercial cleaners available in the market to clean the stain and smudges on stainless steel appliances.

Most of these commercial cleaners are made of harsh chemicals that come with hazard warnings than actual cleaning directions. It is the reason that people hesitate using these commercial cleaners and move toward other ways of keeping the surface of their appliance smudge-free.

For this purpose, many people nowadays have started using vinegar to make their stainless appliances shine and sparkle. The use of vinegar has made it easier to keep your stainless steel appliances smudge-free and shiny.

What Appliances Can you Clean?

The following are some of the things that you can easily clean with a homemade vinegar cleaning solution.

  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Stainless Steel Fridge
  • Cookware and Cutlery
  • Stainless Steel Pan and Pots
  • Stainless Steel Grill, Stove, Cooktops, etc.

A bottle of vinegar is readily available in every household. All you need to do is grab a bottle of vinegar from your pantry and use it on your stainless steel appliances instead of the expensive commercial cleaners that contain harsh chemicals.

These harsh chemicals present in commercial cleaners can damage the stainless steel as well. For this reason, a lot of people are now cleaning their stainless steel appliances with vinegar.

Does Vinegar Damage Stainless Steel?

Are you not sure about using vinegar to clean your new appliances made from stainless steel? Well, anyone would be concerned if they do not know the basics of using vinegar for cleaning stainless steel. Are you also one of those people? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Soaking and Rinsing

While many people use vinegar to make the surfaces of their stainless steel shiny, a little carelessness can damage your appliance as well. Therefore, you should not let your appliance to soak in vinegar for too long. Long-term exposure of vinegar to the appliance can damage it significantly. So, be careful!

Additionally, no matter whether you are using the vinegar solution to clean the stainless steel, or any other solution, rinsing is the key. Therefore, keep in mind to rinse everything thoroughly after you have cleaned it.

If you do not rinse the appliance correctly, leftover residue from the vinegar can damage the finish of the stainless steel of your new appliance. You surely would not want that to happen, do you?

Another essential thing to remember while cleaning your appliance with vinegar is not to use highly abrasive cleaners. Some of these cleaners include sponges and steel wool. These cleaners can leave particles of steel on the surface of the appliance. These particles of steel can cause rusting over time.

What Kind Of Vinegar to Clean Stainless Steel?

Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Although there are many kinds of vinegar available in the market, not all can be used to clean the stainless-steel appliance. So, you need to be extremely careful about the kind of vinegar that you use on your appliance. Want to know what those types are? Check them out below.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the best home remedies used to clean stainless steel and keep it shiny. Even though your house smells like a vegetable salad for a while, the benefits of using it to clean the stainless steel are great.

So, grab a bottle of white vinegar from your house and start cleaning your appliance immediately. The results will surely surprise you.

All you need to do is fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray it on your stainless steel appliance. Once you have adequately sprayed, wipe it dry with a soft paper towel or a cleaning cloth. The results will shock you and all the grease and grime will disappear immediately.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people do not know that apple cider vinegar can be used to clean smudge and grease on your stainless steel appliance. So, are you also one of those people? Then you are in for a huge surprise.

Apple cider vinegar offers the same benefits as white vinegar to the users. For this reason, a lot of people use apple cider as well.

Even though many people use apple cider vinegar as well to clean the stainless steel, you need to be a bit careful while using it as it is a bit powerful than white vinegar.

So, make sure that you do not let it soak in the apple cider vinegar for too long. Otherwise, the appliance will get damaged.

How to Use Vinegar for Cleaning?

Are you ready to clean your stainless steel refrigerator, kitchen sink, and home appliances? While you can use white vinegar and apple cider vinegar to clean your stainless steel appliances, how exactly can you use vinegar for cleaning? There are many ways you can use vinegar for cleaning. Let’s find out below.

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda are two of the most useful ingredients that you can use to clean the stainless steel appliance instead of commercial cleaners. Imagine what their combination will be like. So, mix baking soda with vinegar to get the best results for cleaning your precious appliances.

2. Vinegar and Water

You can even use vinegar and water to clean your new stainless steel appliances to keep them shiny and new. All you need to do is pour one part of water and one part of vinegar into a spray bottle and clean your appliances with it.

3. Vinegar and Oil

Vinegar and oil is another best combination that people use to clean stainless steel. If you have olive oil available at ease, then try to use olive oil instead of any other regular oil. It is a simple procedure that will give you the best results within minutes.

So, skip commercial cleaners now and use vinegar to clean the surface of your stainless steel appliances. The results will shock you.