Do Bedrooms Need to Have Windows?

Are you looking for a new home?  Renovating your current home? Planning to convert your spare room into something a little more functional? Whatever your reason for acquiring a new bedroom, it’s important to understand what makes it a desirable space.

A frequent question homeowners ask is “does a bedroom need to have a window?”
Windowless bedroom canva
Although a window is ideal, not everyone deems a window to be necessary in all rooms of their house. We will look at the legal, health, and aesthetic benefits of having a bedroom window.

Is It Legal?

When building a home, an architect will have to design the living space according to a series of laws related to a person’s quality of life. This is no different when referring to a bedroom within the home. This room is the area where a person will spend the most time, so it is essential to have this space designed accordingly.

The law requires that a room is a certain amount of square footage, has a generous amount of heating and cooling facilities, a certain ceiling height, and at least two means of egress.

However, as long as you check these boxes, you can have a bedroom that has no windows in most cases. It will mean that you’ll probably need to have two doors as your exit points from this room. This may be s a little unusual but by no means unliveable. In some states, you can even use a skylight as a second exit point from a room that gives you a light source without the use of a conventional window.

This varies depending on the area that you’re living in, so be sure to look up the legislation related to your local area and find out how you can structure your bedroom.

Can Windoless Bedrooms Look Aesthetic?

Your next task is to make your new windowless bedroom look stylish and habitable. Creating an environment where you can lie down and get some shut-eye is essential! Without a striking piece with natural light like a window, it can be difficult to tie a room together. However, there are a number of tricks that you can use to get the Fung Shui of your bedroom just right even without a window.

A Signature Piece

Bedroom wall
If you don’t have a window taking up a lot of space within the room, this frees up more wall space for something striking that really catches the eye. Try using free space to display pieces of local artwork. A luxurious mirror is also a fabulous opinion.
Or perhaps you could have a roaring fireplace so you can cozy up in your bed on those long winter nights with a good book. Whether it’s functionality or style that you’re going for, having a signature piece really can make a bedroom.

Faux Windows or Curtains

Faux Window and curtain for windowless bedroom
You may be in a situation where you have inherited a home without a window in a bedroom. For many, this would be a dealbreaker but you can use a bit of trickery to give the room a more conventional feel.
You can use areas designed to look like window frames with painted vistas on the wall and a set of curtains to give the illusion of a window in the room. Or alternatively, you can just put up some curtains and pull them closed to give the illusion of a hidden window within the room. This is a method that can make a windowless room feel more natural and looks great in practice.

Flora And Fauna

Without the natural light of a window, a room can sometimes lack that vibrant touch. However, with the use of flowers and houseplants, you can transform a dreary and lifeless room into a liveable space bustling with life.
Modern bedroom interior design
Since there will be little sunlight inside a windowless bedroom, you should consider plants that can grow in dark environment. I suggest adding a mixture of hanging plants from shelves, tall plants in pots, succulents on desks, and flowers in vases to add color. Florals are a great way to introduce better air quality whilst styling your bedroom.


Will It Affect My Health?

So you’ve met the legal requirements and you’ve made it look good but how will a  windowless room affect your health?

According to a number of studies, windowless environments in workspaces lead to negative effects on mental health and productivity. However, you may wonder if this translates to the place where you lay your head after a long day. So here is a list of effects to consider before committing to a windowless bedroom.

Air Quality

One of the key benefits of a window within a room is the ability to open it and let the outdoors in. You can cool a stuffy room and get some fresh air circulating around the space. However, with no window, there is no way to easily do this. There are ways around this such as having peace lilies in the room which help with air filtration but there is no true substitute for a window to provide fresh air. This is something you may want to consider.

Mould Problems

Due to this lack of airflow a windowless bedroom can become much more humid. This creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. This is due to the stale air and generally warmer conditions of this room. Mold turns a stylish room into a grubby space and can also further deplete the air quality in your bedroom. It’s something to avoid! If you are able to maintain a cool temperature in this room, use an air purifier, and remain vigilant for any signs of mold.

Lack of Sunlight

Much like plants need the sun for photosynthesis, we humans also need the sun to remain happy and healthy!

Without exposure to natural light, it has been found that humans become susceptible to ailments such as migraines, insomnia, fatigue, and depression. So with this in mind, it is important to consider how much time you spend in your bedroom throughout the day. Does your lifestyle allocate enough natural light throughout the day to warrant a windowless bedroom? It may not be a good idea for those who work in windowless office spaces but for more outdoorsy types, this won’t be a cause for concern.