How Soon Can You Put Furniture on New Carpet?

If you have decided to renovate the flooring of your home then you will need to move the furniture around. This will make it easy for professionals to install new carpeting in your home. Of course, once they have installed you will have to move the furniture back in its place.

Does the question then remain that how soon can you put furniture on a new carpet? Well, after a day or 24 hours. You will have to wait at least twenty-four hours before you put your furniture back on the carpet. If you do it before then you will damage the carpet.

Image: Furniture on New Carpet

Here is everything else you need to know about furniture and carpeting.

Why Wait Before Putting Furniture On Carpet?

Many people think that as soon as the carpet is installed, it is okay to put furniture on it. After all, what could go wrong? The problem is that your carpet is at a risk for damage if you place your furniture before 24 hours.

One reason is that if you don’t wait then you will ruin the shape of the carpet. This is because when carpets are installed, they are glued to the floor. If you don’t give the glue the time to dry up then your carpet will end up looking deformed.

In simple terms, it will stick to the floor in the shape of the furniture you have placed on it. The heavier your furniture, the worse the shape of the carpet will get. This is one reason why you need to wait as it can ruin the entire look and make the room look shabby.

Another reason is that it will cause indentations in it that will stay for as long as you have the carpet. The weight of the furniture will cause the carpet to have dents and that will also ruin the entire look of your carpet.

So, wait for a day and then get everything moving. After all, when you have spent so much money and time getting the carpets installed then you can wait 24 more hours for it to look great.

How Long Before You Can Walk on New Carpet?

Keeping furniture poses a problem with new carpet but not walking. Once your carpet is installed, you can walk on it as soon as you like. This is because walking does not ruin the shape of the carpet or cause any indentations.

Some professionals even recommend walking on the carpet as soon as it is installed as it is another way of pressing the carpet properly into the floor so it can stick better. So, don’t be afraid to walk but wait to place the furniture.

Should You Let The Carpet Settle?

There is not a specific period for letting a carpet settle. This is something people say or believe in but it is not based in fact. Since there is no settling period you can’t possibly let the carpet settle.

The truth is that all new carpets will shed and these need to be removed. If they are not then the fibers will stay on the carpet and give it a more matte appearance that you wouldn’t want.

So, you can hoover a new carpet installation as soon as you like. However, one thing to keep in mind is that if you have a wool carpet then you should not use a hoover that hurts the carpet.

This can damage the fibers of the wool and they will look bad in the long run. So, as long as you don’t have a wool carpet then everything is okay since most carpets are made from another material that can withstand a hoover.

How To Take Care Of Your New Carpet

Now that you know everything about a new carpet installation you also need to know how to take care of it so you can maintain it in the long run. Here are the top three care tips for your new carpet installation.

#1. Vacuum Regularly

This doesn’t mean that you should use any vacuum. The type of vacuum you use should depend on the carpet you have. Using the correct vacuum can save you effort, time, and money in the long run.
Compact Carpet Cleaner

If you have a low or flat carpet then the ideal vacuum should be one with a rotating brush. This can clean any dirt stuck in the carpet or rug such as crumbs. Apart from that, if you have a loop-pile carpet then you shouldn’t use such a vacuum.

It can damage the pile of the carpet and this will not look good in the long run. So, choose your vacuum wisely and vacuum regularly in both directions.

#2. Keep An Entrance Mat Before Carpeted Areas

If you don’t want your carpet to wear and tear prematurely then you should protect them by keeping entrance mats beforehand. This will lower the pollutants being brought in by the shoes.

However, if you want your carpet to stay even cleaner then keep a policy of having no outdoor shoes inside. This will ensure your carpet stays nice and clean for a long time as no dirt or other pollutants will be coming in.

#3. Keep Rotating Your Furniture

The weight of the furniture will eventually cause some dents in your carpet. So, if it is possible then you should move your furniture every 6 months to prevent indentations from the furniture.

This will also help the carpet from getting ruined prematurely as it will take longer to wear and tear. It will also direct foot traffic in another way and so the wearing and tearing of your carpet will become more even.

The only way things last is if you take care of them. This is why you need to know how to take care of them. With this guide, your carpet will not wear and tear prematurely as you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. So, if you just got new carpets installed then follow this guide.