Granite with White Cabinets

Granite comes in a plethora of colors and patterns, with each slab boasting a beautiful uniqueness, making it a popular choice for many household kitchens. A material as gorgeous and durable as granite will never go out of style!

White Cabinets and Granite

In our eyes, the centerpiece of any kitchen is the countertop, as that’s where the cooking is done after all! Designing a kitchen that suits your style starts with choosing the right countertop and there are many different options.

Why is Granite a Great Choice?

Granite has an edge over other countertop materials such as Quartz and Marble.

Quartz: Quartz has the advantage of being the least porous of the three, meaning it is much less prone to staining and doesn’t require heavy maintenance. However, quartz is an engineered stone with a homogeneous look that is unappealing to some homemakers.

Marble: Marble has a unique appearance to quartz although it is very prone to staining and scratching if not taken care of. Frequent sealing (every few years due to the stone’s porous nature) will likely be necessary to preserve the marble’s appearance. Marble also lacks diversity in its color, so choosing this material will mean your countertop is going to have to be white.

Granite boasts a range of colors and styles, giving you a lot of flexibility when it comes to figuring out what works best for your ideal kitchen. Granite if scratch-resistant, super durable, and doesn’t need a lot of heavy maintenance. This material is one of the best choices for homeowners.

White Cabinets with Granite

White cabinets are fantastic to work with as they bring out the color in other parts of the kitchen. Your walls, countertops, and backsplash are brought to life with white cabinets. As they work well with almost any color, white kitchen cabinets are a great choice for a versatile kitchen. If you’re looking for a clean, modern look, then you’re stepping in the right direction!

We find granite countertops work super well when paired with white cabinets. Almost every color will look fabulous, it’s a case of choosing your favorite style! Let’s explore some of our personal favorite combinations:

Black Granite with White Cabinets

Black Granite with White Cabinet

If you’re looking to maximize the contrast in your kitchen and give it a simple yet stylish aura, you can’t beat the monochromatic elegance of black and white. If you have stainless steel appliances, the black is going to work well with them too. Consider also adding a white tiled backsplash with white walls here to help give your kitchen an even more minimalistic look and chic look!

Brown Granite

White Cabinets with brown granite countertop

Black and white not doing it for you? Consider a brown countertop for a more traditional and cozier feel to your kitchen. Brown granite is beautiful and can come in a range of shades for you to choose from to fit your style! Lighter browns will brighten up your kitchen and give it a more refreshing feel. Deeper, darker browns will have more contrast against the white of the cabinets for a warmer vibe. Brown also blends nicely with stainless steel appliances like toasters and microwaves!

White Granite

White Granite countertops with white cabinets

White on white has a certain ethereal beauty to it, bring life and light to your kitchen. White granite also has wonderful patterns thanks to the large grains in the rock, spicing up an otherwise plain countertop.

Bear in mind though, a fully white kitchen will make stains and messes more visible! If you’re not prepared to regularly clean and maintain your kitchen then white on white may not be for you, but if you are then the rewards will be plentiful. The slickness and beauty of an entirely white kitchen are on another level.


A backsplash is a perfect opportunity to add some extra color and uniqueness to your kitchen if spicing things up like that is your style! If not, a backsplash that blends with your walls, cabinets, and countertops can be perfect too, it’s completely up to you.

Backsplashes often incorporate easy-to-clean ceramic tiles that can be of many different shapes, sizes, and colors allowing for a diverse range of styles. Other options include glass tiles which are also super easy to clean, as well as stone backsplashes that extend up from the countertop for a more unified kitchen look.

Let’s go back to one of our personal favorite cabinet countertop combos and explore some of the backsplash options!

Backsplash for Black Granite Countertops and White Cabinets

Choosing a backsplash to match the elegant aesthetic of black on white is straightforward, at least when it comes to the color. Coordinating colors and keeping with the style you’ve chosen is important to make sure your kitchen doesn’t look disconnected. The best colors to choose – as you may have guessed – are black, white, and grey.

The good news is there’s still a lot of freedom in deciding what you want your backsplash to look like. A mosaic of tiles of different shades of grey can look as great as using just black or just white tiles for a simpler and slicker feel. If you want to mix shades or even tile shapes and create something fancy, then go for it! This is your chance to add some uniqueness to your kitchen.

Now onto our favourite complete kitchen combo…

White cabinets, a black granite countertop, and grey walls – perfection. The black and white contrast paired with grey walls to transition between the two makes for an excellent kitchen look. Incorporating a grey backsplash that matches the grey walls is a must in our book too as it’ll help to bring the whole kitchen together.