How Long After Painting a Room Is It Safe?

Every house needs some revamping and renovation from time to time. It helps the house look fresh and new. Of course, painting is a part of this renovation, but many people wonder about the safety of being in a freshly painted room.

If you are also wondering about the safety of a freshly painted room, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about moving into a room that has been painted.

How Long to Wait After Painting Room?

Freshly Painted Room
A freshly painted room takes anywhere from 2 to 8 hours for drying. The paint will emit fumes known as Volatile Organic Compounds during and after drying.

Regular oil based paints and latex paints will continue to emit up to one week. While it is safe to use a well ventilated room after two to three days, it is better to wait for a week before you sleep in a closed bedroom. In case of zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), you can sleep in the room two to 6 hours after it is painted.

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We strongly recommend you go for the zero VOC option.

For Pregnant Woman

How long after painting a room is it safe for pregnant woman?
If you have a pregnant woman in the house, you need to take safety more seriously. That is because it will affect the health of the baby and the mother. Newly painted rooms contain chemicals that emit harmful fumes.

According to the U.S EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), pregnant women should avoid doing painting jobs and should not stay inside a newly painted room. That is because they have harmful odors that need to be ventilated before the room can be safe again. They recommend pregnant women to avoid a painted room for at least two days.

During these two days, it is important to ventilate the area and make sure all the fumes from the paint are out. That is because harmful chemicals in paints can increase the risk of developmental delay in the infant or a miscarriage.

Is It Safe For Kids To Sleep In A Newly Painted Room?

Besides pregnant women, toddlers and babies are also sensitive. If you have repainted your kid’s room and you want them to sleep there, you will need to wait. However, you don’t have to wait for a few days for kids to sleep in a painted room.

With the recent advancements and innovations in paint technology, you will only have to go through a waiting period of three to four hours. That is because you need the paint to dry before your kids can be safe in the room. However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind.

While the paint is drying during these hours, it is essential to ventilate the newly painted room. Doing so will ensure that all the harmful fumes have gone out during the process of drying. Once the paint has completely dried, your toddlers or kids can move into the room.

Another thing you should also remember is the type of paint used. Water-based paints dry quickly, and you will need to wait for three to four hours. However, not every paint is created equal.

Some may contain more chemicals and may take longer to dry. That is why it is important to understand the paint that is being used. After all, the health and safety of your toddlers is your responsibility.

According to Types of Paints Used

The safety of the paint depends on the kind of paint it is. There are three major types of paints that are used by individuals for painting homes. These include:

  • Oil-based paints
  • Water-based paints
  • Low and non-VOC paints

The most common type of paint used for a home is a water-based paint. Individuals opt for this paint the most is because it is available in a wide selection of colors, it takes less time to dry, and it is more flexible than oil-based paint.

The second most common paint used is oil-based paint. It is highly resistant to wear and tear. It gives a smooth and glossy finish that the water-based paint does not provide. So, people that want a glossy finish will opt for oil-based paints.

However, this does not mean that oil-based paints are harmful. They have a stronger odor than water-based paint and they take longer to dry. As a general rule of thumb, you should wait for at least a day or two so the paint can dry and the fumes can go out.

No matter what the paint is, it is important to ventilate the room while the paint is drying. It is also essential to let the paint dry completely. Otherwise, it will lead to sinus discomfort, headaches, and even nausea.

The safest paint out there is the low or non-VOC paint. They are considered to be safe because they have very low amount of VOCs. In some types of this paint, the manufacturers have managed to get rid of the chemical formula that causes fumes and odors.

The paint is very safe and the best part is that, after the paint is dried, you don’t have to wait at all before you can start using the room. You can just wait for an hour or two and provide some ventilation to the room. However, that is just an extra precaution and it is not necessary because the paint is safe.

How to Get Rid Of Paint Smell from a Room?

No one likes the odor of fresh paint. It is strong and it causes discomfort. However, there are a few ways you can get rid of this smell. These include:

  • Opening windows and fans
  • Turn off the air-conditioning or heat
  • Keep buckets of water in the room overnight and it will absorb all the paint vapors
  • Pour white vinegar in a few bowls and place them in different parts of the room. They will also absorb vapors and get rid of odors
  • Leave bowls of baking soda in different corners of the room so they can absorb vapors

These are the five most effective ways you can utilize to get rid of paint vapors and odors from the room. It will rid of the fumes and you will be able to enjoy a safe and healthy room in no time. Ventilation is the most important thing so never leave that out.

Final Words

That was your complete guide on the safety of a freshly painted room. It is important to wait before using the room because inhaling fumes is not good for anyone. The best paint is to use is non-VOC paint as it does not have any harmful chemicals.

However, if you do opt for another type of paint, you can follow this guide to get rid of the paint fumes. Once you do, your home will be safe and healthy again.