Kitchen Cabinets by Design

Gone are the days when kitchen cabinets were just meant for storage. Today, the cabinetry can be your crown jewel. In fact, the cabinetry can be the center of the show. A lot of people used to think that when they go into a kitchen that they’re going to look at the fridge, oven or any other kind of appliance.

Some are under the impression that they should be focused on the table. Wrong! Nowadays, it’s the cabinetry that is the center of the show. All eyes are on the cabinetry and its design.

This is why it’s a really good idea to look at cabinetry as the one central design piece that brings all the other kitchen design elements together. It is a make or break type of situation.
Kitchen Cabinets by Design
Though the flooring and countertops of kitchens have gone through quite a lot of changes and innovation over the past years, the cabinets haven’t. To help you level up your kitchen’s overall look, you need to pay close attention to the following kitchen cabinet designs.

They can revolutionize the overall personality of your kitchen interior space. Here are 10 kitchen cabinets by design and layout ideas.

1. Cabinet with furniture

You can fuse kitchen cabinets and furniture together by putting them side by side. You can install doors that create a cohesive look from one section to the next. This provides an overall unified look for the entire setup.

For instance, you can put 2 tall pantry cabinets and a small one in between with a countertop. You can then use cabinet doors with similar decorations. You may add specialized areas for your coffee, tea, dry herbs, dry bar supplies, or maybe add an area where you can put up notes and messages like a cork-board.

2. Integrated appliances

Using this approach provides you with an excellent use of space. It also has an amazing decorative design that integrates appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and others to your kitchen cabinets.

In other words, you’re not using the appliance space as some sort of dead space. Not only are they functional, but they can also add to the overall decorative effect of the surfaces in your kitchen.

The panels of the appliances may be custom-fitted to hide them into furniture. The sight-lines are rendered clean and an overall cohesive effect is created. This all depends on the kind of design elements that you are looking into when buying appliances that you can integrate with furniture.

3. Lighting

You can choose to add lighting under the cabinets like some good LED strips or specific lights.

Another idea is to strategically place the ceiling lights or add some pendant lamps that complement the cabinet colors. This improves the overall ambiance of your kitchen area and makes your kitchen cabinets look their very best.

Remember, lighting is that single factor, that may not stand out and grab all the attention, but you can bet that if any kind of room seems a little bit off or doesn’t seem quite right, it’s probably due to the bad lighting.

4. Smart storage solutions

Since we live in the age of mobile devices like digital phones and tablets, kitchens today are ideally equipped with charging stations, docking areas, or device holders, as well as a TV that is fully integrated with your internet connection. This way, you or anybody spending time in the kitchen can watch while preparing food or having a snack.

You can also add wireless speakers into the cabinetry to provide stereo sound regardless of where people are in that interior space.

5. Multiple finish

The list of options is quite endless from whether gray to warm brown and other unusual choices. Homeowners today even choose various finishing, sometimes painting the upper cabinets a different color from the lower cabinetry.

The point is to combine various designs to create a unique overall look.

6. Clean look

Clean aesthetics have been trending lately. This is due to the fact that millennials have started to focus on minimalism. In other words, they’re trying to live more by having less. This doesn’t mean that they’re not buying stuff. But when they do, the want to buy as little as possible while enjoying it as much as possible.

This has revolutionized kitchen design. Now, a lot of interior decorators are trying to achieve a clean overlook. They achieve this without the typical ornate work. They work with smooth edges and simple clean lines.

Even the tiny details like the cabinet door handles are meant to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. The goal is to create a clutter-free environment instead of impressing people with how much stuff you own.

The key here is to add an appropriate countertop and back-splash design to achieve a clean minimalist look.

7. Transitional style

You can go after a contemporary look without completely letting go of traditional lines and styles. This is the essence of transitional style or theme.

Natural stone tiles, white walls, modern leather, and glass furniture are good options. You can go minimalist, but still, employ the old ornate style in your kitchen cabinets. This way, you can remind the viewer that you have some of the old school style elements there while at the same time achieving a very modern look.

8. Oak wood overload

Oakwood was the top choice for cabinets in the 1970s all through the 1990s and even today you can bring it into the kitchen. It’s an appeal to soft luxury, neutral feels, layering, and balance.

Red wooden trim kitchen

You can use oak wood cabinetry to go with any theme that you’d like such as rustic, simple modern, or French cottage look. For the rest of the kitchen space, you might want to pick colors that complement oak. Here are some of the best wall colors that goes well with oak trims and cabinets.

9. Customize colors

You can customize your kitchen cabinet colors in any way you like to get out of the cookie-cutter themes that you normally see in most homes. The point is to create a personality and character that fits with your own personality and overall persona.

You can pick out the paint color from a vast list of options that would create uniqueness in your kitchen. The key here is to choose a color pallet with few colors and stick with the color scheme. If you go overboard with colors, your kitchen will look too busy and clogged.

10. Open shelving

This is probably the hottest trend in interior design hands down. Since 2008, open shelving has been all the rage. But the secret to pulling this off successfully is to buy appropriate kitchenware that would look great on display with your open shelves.

Open shelving provides an illusion of larger space and it’s quite efficient in managing your space. It’s also very functional because you can just grab whatever you need easily while preparing food or dining.

However, it’s quite tricky because you have to plan ahead. You have to know what to put on the shelves because everything will have quite a bit of an impact on the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Closing thought:

Never neglect kitchen cabinet designs because this has a disproportionate impact on the overall look of your kitchen interior space.