Mineral Oil on Leather

Are you thinking about what oils are good to use on leather and what it should be used for? We’re going to discuss all things about mineral oil being used on leather and go through some frequently asked questions, that may help to give you some more information and guidance.

Mineral Oil on Leather

Is Mineral Oil Good for Leather?

Mineral oil can be found in some leather cleaning products; however, it may be unusual to use it on its own. It’s a cheaper option when compared to other oils that can be used and create a strong moisture barrier, but if you’re wanting to maintain your leather for years, then this will only harm it.

Over time, the mineral oil dries out the leather and causes damage to it. It can also cause the leather to soften and discolor so more natural oils are better to use and maintain the leather.

Does Mineral Oil Soften Leather?

A known effect of using mineral oil on leather is that it causes it to soften, which can result in the leather going floppy and may become unusable.

Mineral Oil on Leather Couches

We all love to keep our home floor cleaned and furniture shining. When it comes to a leather couch, you may think you need to use oil on it, to keep it in good condition and looking nice. However, this may not be the case. Oils can actually cause some damage and soften the leather, so they’re not always good for use on leather. Instead, a leather conditioner or treatment can be applied, which is good for the leather, causing no damage. The leather conditioning treatment can help to maintain and keep the leather in shape, so perfect for using on a leather couch.

You may receive a leather treatment package with the purchase of your leather couch, that might come with the conditioner and cloths to use to apply it to the couch. They are also available to buy online, just make sure to read up on reviews first, to check it gets good feedback and won’t cause any damage to your leather couch. You could also return back to the place you bought the couch from, to see if they have any available to buy, as some leather coaches may come with their own unique conditioning treatment kit.

So, try to avoid mineral oil when it comes to using it on a leather couch. It can cause damage to it, discolor and soften the leather, rather than maintaining and looking after it. Instead, the best option would be a leather conditioning treatment.

The Best Oils for Leather

Although it’s not always recommended to use oils on leather and to instead use a professional, leather conditioning treatment, there are some natural oils that can be used.

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Oils such as mink oil, essential lemon oil, and leather oils can be used to treat and maintain the leather.

Mink oil is known to help dry and damaged leather, by replenishing the leather and it also adds flexibility and durability to the leather. However, this is something to think about as it may make the leather product, too flexible and not sturdy enough for its use.

Essential lemon oil is known as a safer type of oil to use on leather, that may not damage it as much as others would. It can be used as a conditioner and helps to prevent cracks and improve the longevity of the leather product.

Leather oil is a natural substance that helps to moisturize and condition leather products which also result in the fibers becoming flexible and durable. There are a variety of leather oils, some of which are made up of the oils mentioned above.

All of these oils are good for providing moisture, flexibility, and durability to leather goods; however, they may not be the best at maintaining the leather and can actually cause some damage.

Can You Use Mineral Oil on Leather Boots?

As previously mentioned, mineral oil is not the best option to use on leather products, whether it’s leather boots or a leather couch. The mineral oil is known for being dry, leading it to cause the leather to damage, discolor, and soften over time.

It’s important to keep leather boots maintained and in good condition, they can be expensive to buy, and therefore, you want to keep them as long as possible and look after them well. It is recommended to avoid using oils when looking after your leather products, due to the damage it can cause. Instead, leather treatments can be used to help maintain your leather boots.

Overtime when you wear them, you may find they fade and start to crack, so this is where some leather boot treatment can come in and help. Leather conditioning treatments are available to buy either online or in shoe shops, that are perfect for use on leather shoes. In these kits, you might get a conditioner along with a cloth and applicator, to help apply for the conditioner and maintain correctly.

To help protect leather boots, a conditioner should be applied to them, on the day you buy them and then treatment carried out throughout having them. This will help to protect them straight away from any damage and then keeps them maintained throughout the years.

Can You Put Olive Oil on Leather?

Olive Oil on Leather Wallet
It is a known myth, that olive oil can be used to help cure leather, whether it’s dry, scratched, or dirty. However, this isn’t the case. Olive oil should be avoided on leather as although it may seem nourishing, it actually causes it to deteriorate.

When using oils on leather, it soaks it in and then eventually spreads throughout and resurfaces, leaving oil spots on the leather. Once the oil has been applied to leather, it can be hard to remove and would require a professional cleaner to do it and even they might struggle to draw all the oil out the leather.

By using olive oil on your leather, will actually cause more harm and damage the leather, rather than doing it any good. It is recommended to avoid using olive oil on any leather products and instead, use a leather treatment designed for treating and maintaining leather, not causing more damage to it.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Leather?

Some say that coconut oil can be used as an alternative to conditioners for leather, however, some may disagree. People have used coconut oil as a conditioning treatment for their leather products to help replenish and keep the moisture in.

However, the best thing to treat leather would be to use a leather conditioning treatment, rather than oils. By applying coconut oil to leather, it can keep the moisture in the product and give it a shine, but over time, the oil will resurface, leaving oily spots on the leather. This then actually ruins the leather as oil can be very hard to remove from it.

Coconut oil is something that can be used due to it being hypoallergenic, meaning it keeps in moisture and won’t dry the leather out and also adds shine to the leather products. However, it wouldn’t be recommended due to the oil resurfacing and leaving oily spots on the leather, that can be very hard to remove. Once the oil is soaked into the leather, it’s hard to remove it so the oily spots may always remain, ruining the leather product.

Instead, a leather conditioning treatment can be used as this is designed for treating and maintaining leather, meaning it will cause no damage to it and actually help to keep it in good condition.


To summarise this article, we’ve discussed mineral oil and different types of oils and it’s use on leather goods. As you can probably tell from reading through, any type of oil is best to be avoided on leather products as it can cause more damage and leave oil sitting on the surface of the leather, which can be very hard to remove.

A result of using mineral oil and any type of oil on leather can lead to paying more money, either more a professional cleaner or on products to try and remove the oil stains.

Instead, a better option would be to use leather conditioning treatment that can be available from sofa shops, shoe shops, and even online. It’s best to talk to an expert when it comes to treating your leather goods, as they can recommend what is best and how to use them correctly.

It’s important to look after your leather goods, as this helps to maintain and keep them in better condition. As soon as you get your leather product, whether it’s a leather shoe or sofa, you should apply a conditioning treatment to it straight away. This will help to prevent any damage to it, along with helping to moisturize it, meaning dryness and cracks will be prevented.