Outdoor Steps Tiles

Tiles for Outdoor Steps
Beautiful tiled steps at the front door can dramatically improve the appearance of your house.

How to Tile My Outdoor Steps

Are you to tile your outdoor stairs? You may be overwhelmed with the many options available!

Don’t worry! We are going to share some of the best outdoor tile steps ideas. Get ready for some seriously cool exterior design.

Can you tile outdoor steps?


Of course, you can tile your outdoor steps. We think you should!

It’s a great way to add personality and enhance your somewhat boring concrete or brick slabs.  Tiling outdoor steps is a wonderful aesthetic choice for any creative homeowner!

However, it is important you choose the right materials…

Tiling over Concrete Steps

Ceramic Tiles

You can install ceramic tiles directly over concrete steps. These are the most common types of tiles used by homeowners when tiling outdoors. Ceramic tiles are well-known for their durability and can cope with many feet climbing up and down!

Ceramic tiles are also resistant to water absorption and abrasion. You can use them as outdoor tiles without worrying about the rain! They are capable of withstanding great amounts of wear and tear.

Granite Tiles

Another great option for concrete steps. Also super durable, Granite is resistant to moisture, abrasion, and dirt. Moreover, granite tile can withstand changes in temperature as well.

Available in different textures and patterns, granite tiles are easy to personalize. They blend really well with other outdoor features.

Tiling over Brick Steps

Ceramic Tiles

Back again!

Ceramic tiles can be used over brick steps too! They create a strong bond with the bricks and stay safe and strong.

Clinker Tiles

Clinker tiles are perfect for tiling over brick steps.

Brick steps are composed out of clay. Clinker tiles are made out of clay and sand. They slot together perfectly, creating an unbeatable bond.

Clinker tiles are very aesthetically pleasing and for those in search of a rustic feel. These tiles are designed to resemble bricks. A safer way to enjoy a natural outdoor area. Clinker tiles are manufactured at high temperatures, meaning they are durable and long-lasting.

Front Door Step Tiles

Your front door-step is the perfect place to add a splash of personality to your home. Welcome guests into your beloved house with a unique design.

The material used for your front doorstep must be durable and cope well under immense pressure. Especially if you have a lot of visitors!


Porcelain is perfect for the front doorstep. Available in tons of colors and patterns, they are perfect for adding some sparkle to the home! The material is similar to that of real stone, making it non-slip and super safe.

The tiles are fired at high temperatures which means they don’t freeze during the colder seasons and don’t crack when it’s hot! Their super shiny aesthetic lasts a long time, so you’re front doorstep will stay fresh for a while.

Slate Tiles

Natural slate is a popular choice for the front door step! They look rustic and organic, perfect for a country family home. Their rugged material is attractive and slip-resistant – perfect!

However, be careful if you live in a colder area. Slate doesn’t cope well with freezing temperatures. If you’re lucky enough to live in the sunshine, slate is a safe and easy option.

Slate tiles must be sealed. If not they can scratch easily. But with true care and cleaning, Slate is a great and eye-catching material for your front doorstep.

Stone Tiles

An oldie but a goodie!
Stone tiles give a natural look that has been trusted by many homeowners for years! Stone tiles are all unique, are naturally slip-resistant, and extremely durable – it’s a sure win!

Front door stone tile steps
Front door steps with stone tiles.

Similarly to slate, the stone must be properly sealed when being used outdoors. This will stop water absorption and staining.

Quarry Tiles

A splash of Mediterranean!
Quarry Tile stairs
A traditional option that is still very popular today! Made from natural clay, Quarry tiles are extremely dense and hard-wearing.

Although they have limitations in terms of patterns, Quarry tiles can be cut into a variety of shapes. You can create interesting patterns and combinations. They have a deep earthy color which makes them unique and wholesome.

Outdoor Stairways

Safety first!

Outdoor stairways must be safe and functional. Let’s find out how you can achieve this whilst enjoying the aesthetic.

Stone, Concrete or Wood

Outdoor stone tiles
These three materials are perfect for outdoor stairways. They are the safest options as they are all-

  • Slip-resistant- All these materials have a matte effect. This means they are effective and slip-resistant.
  • Frost resistant – These materials don’t absorb water. If there is a dip in the temperature (to below freezing), the tiles wont crack or split!
  • Scratch resistant: These tiles are fired in a kiln at over 1200 degrees. They’re very durable and hardwearing. They are resistant to scratching and can cope with human weight! The tiles look fresh despite the outdoor conditions.
  • Stain-proof- These materials possess very few holes. It’s hard for dirt to wiggle it’s way in! All they need is a quick sweep and an occasional mop with soapy water. Remember to let them dry before you step foot on them!

There are many options tiling for your outdoor steps. Make sure the material is safe and functional before deciding on your aesthetic. Tiling is a great way to add a unique pattern to your exterior design. We hope this guide gave you some fun ideas!