Plush Carpets

Plush carpets are a modern luxury and a must-have item for any home. These carpets are manufactured to a super high quality! They are incredibly comfy, making them a favorite in households around the world. Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are some of the best, and a plush carpet is definitely one of them!

What is a Plush Carpet?

Image: Plush Carpets Designs
Plush carpet is one of the softest carpets around. They are cut in such a way that makes it incredibly smooth and soft to the touch whilst also being super durable. This cut pile carpet comes in many different colors and styles too and is a perfect addition to any home.

These carpets are so comfortable and cozy that they’ll never go out of style. Why give up something so great?!

Plush Carpet for the Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the best places for plush carpet! Waking up in the morning and feeling the soft plush texture against your toes as you get out of bed is sure to make anyone’s day that little bit better. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and cozy in their own home, especially the bedroom. So why not consider treating yourself to one of these carpets?

The idea of a plush carpet may already seem appealing to you, but let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to see what you’re getting yourself into!

Plush carpet inside bedroom

Pros of Plush Carpets

#1. Softness and comfort:
A real benefit of plush carpet is, walking on this luxurious carpet will feel like walking on a cloud! The soft material is easy on the feet and walking around your home will turn from a normal thing you do into a pleasant experience.
While wool carpets are also very comfortable, the beautiful aesthetic and texture of plush carpets make homes super comfortable – it’s no wonder they’re so popular!

#2. A diverse range of styles:
The plush material comes in many different solid colors to choose from to fit a bunch of different styles, so you won’t have any trouble finding a plush carpet that coordinates well with the rest of your home. Whether you’re looking for a vivid carpet to add some spice to your room, or a neutral color carpet to blend with the surroundings and make the room seem more connected and complete, a plush carpet has got you covered.

#3. Durable under heavy foot traffic:
Believe it or not, plush carpets retain their texture and softness for many years even after daily use. They’re designed to deal with heavy footprints, making them perfect for any room in the home! Rooms that have to deal with heavy foot traffic like hallways and living rooms. Any footprints left on the carpet are only temporary too!

Cons of Plush Carpets

#1. Footprints and visible indentations:
Plush carpets are high pile carpets and the lightness of their fibers contribute to the carpet’s softness, but also means that indentations are more visible. Heavy furniture can leave visible indents on the carpet when moved for example. Don’t worry though – these indentations aren’t permanent as the carpet fibers will relax back to their original positions after time. The pressure put on the carpet from walking on it can cause temporary footprints too, but these don’t last forever.

Plush carpets are designed to deal with these kinds of things, so there’s no need to worry! The same goes for vacuum cleaner marks, they’re all only temporary and the fibers will return to their original shape.

#2. Long-term durability:
As with all carpets, plush carpets will start to show signs of wear after many years of use, even if they are properly maintained and cleaned. There’s no exact timeframe for this, but after 5-10 years plush carpets will start showing signs of rips, tears, and stains. If your carpet gives off a bad odor, even after cleaning, it’s a sign that your carpet should be replaced.

#3. Stains can be quite visible:
Compared to patterned carpets where stains are more easily hidden, solid color plush carpets don’t conceal the stains very well. Neutral carpets will show signs of staining more easily. This con isn’t a huge issue though, as carpet cleaning and maintenance are easy enough to do!

#4. Watermarking:
Watermarking, also known as carpet pooling or pile reversal, is a phenomenon whereby plush carpets can appear to be wet or damaged when they are not. The defect arises when chunks of carpet fibers are permanently bent in one direction. This causes them to reflect light differently to the carpet fibers around them. This in turn makes the area appear darker and “wet” which is an unappealing look.

Watermarking is not something that can be fixed, unfortunately, and it can happen randomly throughout the life of your plush carpet with no known cause. Though the chances of it occurring are very small, it is still something worth bearing in mind before purchasing a plush carpet. You could consider getting it covered under warranty.

Plush carpets – yay or nay?

The pros of plush carpets outweigh the few potential cons in our view, especially if taken care of properly. Keeping carpets clean and maintained properly will make them look fresh for longer. This is now easier than ever to do too – it’s as simple as vacuuming regularly and making sure to clean up dirt or spillages as soon as possible!

Plush carpets are truly one of a kind and if you’re looking to give your home a cozier and more welcoming vibe then they’re definitely for you.