Porch Light Color Meaning

Did you know that color is a powerful communication tool? Unbeknown to many homeowners, the color of your porch light can influence mood, signal meaning, and even affect perception. Pretty cool, right?

Though you may be blissfully happy with your soft yellow porch light, the meaning behind other shades is undeniably interesting. Using color to set an overall mood for guests entering your space can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects your personality and beliefs.

Porch Light Color Meaning

Take a look below at the colors you could be using and what they mean.

Blue Porch Light

Blue is a calm and relaxing color that many would love to have on their walls. But as a porch light, it can indicate different things.
Meaning of Porch Light Colors

What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean?

Blue-colored porch lights are used as a means to raise autism awareness and also to show support and respect to police officers.

Have you ever noticed a lot of blue porch lights in April? This is because a blue porch light can represent Autism Awareness, and World Autism Awareness Day is held every year on April 2nd.

In 2010, three years after the first Autism Awareness Day, Autism Speaks promoted a Light It Up Blue campaign that raised awareness for Autism globally. America supports Autism Awareness for the entire month of April, so if you’re a strong supporter, make sure to get your blue porch light ready to go.

Another reason you may opt for a blue porch light is to show respect for America’s police force. In 2017 it was reported that Californian residents had turned their porch lights blue to show respect for police officers and their loved ones.

Red Porch Light Meaning

A red porch light has numerous meanings!

Many American homeowners use a red porch light to celebrate well-known occasions, such as Halloween, to give a spooky feel, or Valentine’s Day, for a romantic atmosphere. Changing your porch light to Red is a simple yet effective way to celebrate these occasions.

A red porch light is also commonly associated with February, not only for Valentine’s day but also in support of American Heart Health.

What Does a Red Porch Light Mean?

Many American residents change their porch light to red, supporting the American Heart Association who actively encourages cities to decorate the town red and bring awareness to heart health.

It has often been rumored that a red porch light means you have no guns in your home, as you believe in gun reform. This was proven false around four years ago, and the red porch lights you see from your neighbors and friends will most likely be in celebration of an occasion or to show support for American Heart Health.

Green Porch Light Meaning

Green Porch Light
In honor of Veterans Day (November 11th), you may see many US residents turning their green porch lights on. By turning your porch lights green, you support and celebrate US Veterans and acknowledge the vital work they do for the country. It is not uncommon for the green porch lights to remain in place for the entire month of November, as many believe one day is not enough.

As well as Veterans Day, you may also see green porch lights shine throughout March to celebrate the wonderful occasion of St. Patrick Day on March 17th. This is a fun time of year, packed with celebration, and so it is an excellent way to join in the Irish fun!

Green is recognized globally as a symbol of Lyme disease. For those keen to express support for the incurable disease and raise awareness, a green porch light may be shown all year, or prominently in May which is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Pink Porch Light Meaning

A pink porch light is rare but may be used to express support for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is typically in the UK, as often a tiny pink bow is worn to show support for those currently suffering or who have previously suffered from Breast cancer.

This is not as common in the US, however, the pink light does give a nice glow to the porch without taking on a meaning so symbolic as red or purple.

Purple Porch Light Meaning

A purple porch represents domestic violence awareness. In 2007, the Domestic Violence Task Force (Washington DC) ran a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence called Purple Late Nights. They encouraged residents to turn on their purple porch lights during October to raise awareness and support domestic violence victims.

A highly symbolic color, the purple porch light is a great way to show support for domestic violence awareness. However, you should note that purple is a high-energy light in the color spectrum. A purple porch light may use a lot of energy as the color has shorter wavelengths than other colors.

Colored Porch Light’s Effect on Mood


The color white releases a feeling of clarity and purity. It creates an atmosphere of cleanliness and innocence around the home.


A blue light had a calm and relaxing tone. According to your tango, spirituality blue represents loyalty, peace, and honesty. Blue is a very inviting color to use for your porch light.


Pink, often associated with feminity, has soft and sweet energy. As a nurturing color, it can promote a caring feeling and is often associated with romance.


Yellow is a prevalent light color for both indoor and outdoor, due to its association with sunlight and warmth. It is a simple option but can release the energy of optimism and happiness for those living in or visiting the home.


Like blue, green is considered a calming color. Often associated with nature and growth, green fits well into most outdoor spaces. Spiritually green has connotations with good health and wealth, so it works well as a prosperous light color!


Red is associated with many different emotions, such as love, anger, passion, and power. When used as a porch light color, Red will likely be symbolizing a meaning (such as those listed at the beginning of the article) or used to create a romantic mood.