Quartz Countertop Colors

Beige and neutral hues work with the color quartz. Let’s face it, quartz is the ultimate neutral shade for your kitchen. This color scheme will work well in various settings and designs. Keep in mind that because you’re dealing with quartz countertops doesn’t necessarily mean that your interior kitchen space has to be boring and dull.

Quartz Countertop Colors
Modern quartz countertops are extremely versatile owing to how this product is made. The countertop slabs you see are not made out of solid natural quartz. Essentially, quartz is ground up into a fine powder and mixed with a bonding agent. The resulting mixture is then molded to fit any sink, tub, kitchen countertop, and what have you. Talk about flexibility and versatility. Since these are manmade stones, they are also called engineered quartz.

On top of quartz’ amazing malleability is the fact that its ground-up mixture ‘putty’ can also be colored by adding all sorts of coloring agents. No wonder there are so many quartz countertops on the market. You just can’t beat its versatility and flexibility.

Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors

Quartz countertops can be brimming over with personality. It all depends on the overall design you’re trying to achieve. What follows are some design ideas for your quartz countertops so you can truly make them shine.

Cool touch of Empress quartz

Empress quartz is just the perfect shade of countertop for your bathroom. The reason why quartz countertops are so popular nowadays is that they’re very easy to mold. Quartz is harvested naturally, ground up, and then molded in a wide variety of ways to fit any kind of bathroom design.

But just because you’re dealing with quartz doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in terms of design parameters. You can pick the right color of quartz. The empress quartz variety has a bit of a warmer color than beige, but it’s not as dark or warm as to overpower your interior bathroom space. It can be a balanced color.

Beautiful kitchen countertop
Stylish and elegant kitchen countertop for your home. Photo by: urban_light/Depositphotos.com

Empress quartz also complements the overall color pallet of the typical modern bathroom which produces a general cohesive look.

Focal point

For kitchens with dark wood cabinetry and flooring, one great option, as far as quartz countertops go, is the Indian pearl variety. The Indian pearl has a distinctive color which can make your quartz countertop the talk of the kitchen.

In other words, it can be the centerpiece of that room. It’s quite unusual to think that neutral colors will draw attention to it, but in this setting, it will. Indian pearl provides a break from the saturated color of the dark wood. So, this overall kitchen design achieves some sort of color balance.

The room doesn’t feel heavy or gloomy at all.

Subtle specks

If you’re not a fan of solid-colored quartz countertops, you can choose the kindred time. The kindred type has scattered specks all over it, but it’s not too loud. It can go well with contemporary or minimalist designs. Even if you use a transitional theme for your kitchen, it can still work well with quartz countertops that have subtle specks.
Quartz Kitchen Countertops

The specks are not white patterns but remain quiet in the background. This gives enough variety to the overall white quartz so it doesn’t look like a solid color. This gives you some leeway in terms of other design elements for your kitchen.

Transitional highlight

Though there are endless ways to craft your own transitional designs, one example is to combine contemporary design cabinets with an open floor layout. You do this to set an overall general tone. You then add a marble design quartz countertop to pick up on the lighter tones in the room.

This has an overall effect of harmonizing the different colors. Instead of clashing or contrasting in a particularly loud way, everything is harmonized and you’d be surprised as to the overall clean and professional look you are able to achieve.

One of the best candidates for this is Serengeti quartz. This is a great color because it works well with any kind of transitional design. Serengeti quartz, if you are not aware, has some color flecks in it. Not exactly white or beige or cream, but it has its distinctive personality.

Richly quiet

Serenity is a type of quartz that interior decorators have long equated with a classic look. Serenity can be easily ordered from any DIY hardware store and for good reason. It has a warmness that can act as a fantastic backdrop to produce an overall peaceful look in your kitchen.

Luxury Quartz countertop
Check out the luxury quartz countertop with pendant lights hanging from above. When people look at it, they feel like they’re transported to serene places. It’s easy to see why because this quartz has light veins in it that would make for a great countertop for breakfast bars or kitchen islands. The color is not very busy and it provides a great passive look.

One key tip though. Do not use this countertop for busy areas in your kitchen. If you’re going to be working in those areas, you might want to go with another kind of countertop. Quartz countertops can cut quite easily. The external glossy finish of the typical quartz sink top or countertop also goes away fairly quickly even when subjected to the most modest usage activity.

Sleek and contemporary

Beige quartz countertops paired with cabinets in rich brown are a perfect match for a modern look. It is not dull or boring at all as the quartz countertops complement the rest of the kitchen design. A lot of beige countertops have intricate designs or beveled edges. As long as a unit has some sort of feature that sets it apart from traditional countertop designs, it is sure to make an impression.

The final word

Keep the tips above in mind if you are looking for a great way to work with quartz countertops. Please understand that they are not retro or behind the times. With the right type of quartz, you can make any kind of kitchen interior space truly shine.