Tan House Trim Colors

Tan House Trim Colors
A Guide To Designing Tan Home Exteriors

Your beautiful tan home needs a little makeover! How do we do this? Let’s complement your home with some tan-tastic trim!

We have created a guide on how to make your tan house look absolutely marvellous! Let’s make your neighbors jealous. So if you’re fresh out of ideas and need some inspiration, take a look below.

What are the best Trim Colours for a tan house?

From your windows to your doors it’s important that you find a color that compliments your tan home. While brickwork and tan colors can be hard to pair with other hues, there are still a variety of options available to produce stunning results.

Take a look at a few of our favorites.

Creamy Accents

If you have a tan-colored exterior, a trim that uses bright, clean colors will really make your home pop. The colors are simple and vibrant without being obnoxious and in your face. You can use eggshell whites, creams or beige tones to provide a bold border around your home. A creamy accent serves as a beautiful frame to your rustic looking brickwork.

Tan House with White Trim

Tan house white trim
The classic white color trim goes with tan walls, especially if the paint color is one of the darker shades of tan.


If you really want to make your home stand out and give it a really defined and bold outline, you can make use of a black trim! I love this modern and chic look. It certainly stands out from the crowd in a bold and stylish way. This one won’t be for everyone, however, it’s easy to see the appeal of this striking trim color. It looks great on bright, sunny days when it contrasts beautifully against a warm backdrop.

Wooden Trims

Another fun option that is a little more understated and subtle than black color is a wooden finish for your trim. The uses of dark woods such as Rosewood, Western Hemlock, walnut, oak, or teak are phenomenal choices when going with this style of trim. We wouldn’t advise a light wood as this can often get lost amongst the tan color of the home and fail to define the edges of the exterior of the house.

A Distinguished Grey

If black was a little too out there for you, then how about a little bit of grey? Seeing your first grey hair may be a horrifying sight but your house certainly won’t be with a subtle grey trim. It’s another style that suits the fan of a more subdued aesthetic, so if this sounds like you, we suggest you consider this option.

Pastel Colours

Tan House Blue trims
A Tan House with Blue Trim Colors. Photo by Lawcain/Depositphotos.com Pastel trim colors at GiftedHouse

While it might not be the conventional thing, it can be fun and very eye-catching to go with a color that strays away from the norm! Add a bright splash to your earthy tone with an out-there color, full of personality. There are many stunning homes that use pastel colors such as teals, pinks, saffron, and sky blues to make their home stand out from the crowd! Again, it’s not for everyone but if you consider yourself as a bit of an eccentric, this may be exactly what you need.

What About My Stutters and Doors?

While your trim color is a very important aspect of the exterior, no matter how perfect your trim is, a bad door or shutter choice can offset all your good work. So we want to help you make the finishing touches to your grand exterior with a number of options for the finer details of your home.

Match it up

The safest and often most aesthetically pleasing option for a door or shutters is to match the color to the trim. The trim is already acting as a contrast to the tan bulk of the exterior, so it can be worthwhile to double down on this style and match the color to your door and shutters. It’s a symbiotic look that marries everything together very nicely.

Cool and Creamy

Much like your window trim, creamy tones are a safe yet stylish option for your shutter and doors. Their subtleness adds a modern edge and makes the exterior of the home feel effortless and chic. If you’re looking for a calm and collected outward appearance then a creamy option is the one for you!

Earthy Tones

If you aren’t willing to match up the colors, you might want to consider going for something quite safe and reserved in nature for the door and shutters. Earthy tones such as forest greens, dark browns, terra cotta, or periwinkle blues can look really fantastic as a way to bolster your color palette without making your exterior look too loud or boisterous.

Earth tone colors for Tan Houses
Beautiful tan home with earth tones colors and trims. Photo by Lawcain/Depositphotos.com

Monochrome Vibes

If you’re looking for something that contrasts with your trim choice without going all out with a vibrant color choice, you can go for black or white. The simplicity of these colors allows them to add contrast without dominating the whole look and can tie the exterior together if done well.

Bright and Bold

Perhaps you opted for a subtle earthy window trim? A bright door can add a real splash of personality! Treat your door as a signature piece to the exterior of your home. After all, it does welcome people into your personal space.

Your natural tan home is cool enough in color to cope with a pop of brightness. Try a vibrant blue or copper red! It can give your house a vibrant and exciting pop!

Closing Thoughts: So that’s our guide to making your tan home exterior look absolutely stunning. What do you think is the best looking trim for these types of homes? Do you prefer subdued designs or outlandish color palettes? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading.