Tiny Ants in Kitchen Around Sink?

Tiny Ants in Kitchen
Oh no! Suffering from an Ant infestation?!

Disney’s “A Bug’s Life” makes the little insects seem very warm and friendly…. But the truth is they are a nuisance and a health hazard!

Tiny ants in the kitchen, especially around the sink, must be immediately cleared. Otherwise, these ants could take over your household, and then it would be near to impossible to get rid of them without calling in professional help.

You need to be quick to wage a war on these tiny yet pesky ants!

What Are Those Tiny Marching Ants and Where Do They Come From?

Looking For Comfort

Like humans, the basic needs of tiny ants are shelter and food! Therefore, they would invade your house in search of food and a possible shelter.

Just like us humans, tiny ants also require water. So, the damp areas of your house will be on target and your kitchen sink is one of them!

They Enjoy Each others Company

These tiny ants come in the form of a huge group. You will never notice them alone, wandering in your house! These tiny ants stay in solid connection with other ants.
The tiny ants are famous for being the most successful animal on the face of the earth. These ants are found almost everywhere in the world. There are around 13,000 species of ants found today. So, tiny ants are quite common in every household.

Ants are Weather Dependent!

Tiny ants are seasonal. You would notice a lot of tiny ants in the summer season. In fact, they might be marching in your homes at a variety of places. Insects are pretty active in the summer season while the winter season pushes them to search for a permanent nest.

When it rains significantly, these tiny ants would march into your homes so that they can avoid the rough weather.

Why Do I Have Tiny Ants in My Kitchen?

Tiny ants come to your kitchen because of an open invitation! Yes, the food particles that you leave behind on your kitchen sink become an invitation for these tiny ants!

Kitchen Cleanliness

The most common reason for tiny ants’ presence in your kitchen is the lack of cleanliness. Hygiene issues could provoke tiny ants and other insects to become attracted to your kitchen. When they smell food or drink, they immediately head towards the corner from where the smell is coming from.
Use a commercial cleaner or a home remedy like vinegar to keep your kitchen clean.

Food in Kitchen

Food and water are the two basic necessities that are equally required by every animal, similar to us humans. Unfortunately, ants are not bound by any rules! Rules and regulations are only for humans, fortunately, or unfortunately!!

Remember, don’t leave food uncovered in your kitchen. Also, clean each particle of food that might have been dropped on the kitchen counter, sink, floor, or anywhere else in the kitchen. Just after you have your lunch or dinner or any other meal, make sure to clean the area thoroughly. Don’t let any food particle stay on any corner otherwise, it could attract tiny ants.
If you keep food inside the kitchen cabinets, make sure that the storage container has lids with proper sealing.

Pet food is also responsible for these tiny ants crawling into your kitchen. If your pet has left some food, just empty the food bowl and make sure that the bowl is cleaned up and dried.

The tiny ants can also find their way into the unsealed baggage of pet food. So, whenever you buy pet food, seal tight the bag after you have opened it. Otherwise, your pet’s health could be at risk.


Just as you would remove the food particles, ensure to dry your kitchen completely. These tiny ants also come to your kitchen for water.

So, dry your kitchen completely. There should be no moisture in your kitchen so that the tiny ants can’t smell anything.

Sure They’re Annoying, but Are They Dangerous?
These tiny ants grow at a rapid pace! They multiply in numbers. So, you need to clean up the premises before it’s too late. There could be a risk of cholera as well because of these ants. Their bite is also nasty. Once they bite you, you’ll be scratching your skin!

So, what’s your weapon against these lethal tiny ants?

How Do I Prevent Ants Appearing Around Kitchen Sink?

You must make sure your kitchen sink is kept tidy, clean, and completely dry. Make sure there are no food particles, leftover food, or water left behind on the kitchen sink.  You will successfully defeat tiny ants with the magic power of the anti-bacterial spray.

  1. Cleanliness is the key! If you keep your kitchen clean, especially the sink area, there would be no chances of such ants coming to your kitchen and disturbing your peace.
  2. Keep the area dry. This is easier said than done when dealing with a stainless steel sink. but after you’ve washed the dishes make sure you dry around the sink area to stop an infestation.
  3. Keep tiny passages sealed. From skirting boards to holes in the wood or cabinet, try and keep these entrances sealed to stop our tiny friends from entering!
  4. Avoid leaving food out – Make sure all food is sealed or refrigerated

How Do I Get Rid of Ants That Are Already in My Sink?

Begin by removing any food, water, or objects from the area. Use a good antibacterial spray to disinfect the area. Make sure to dry the area after you clean.

Further steps

  • Spray a solid pesticide in order to kill these ants.
  • If there are any cracks or breaks in the areas around your kitchen sink, just seal them so that there is no passage of entry.
  • You can keep chalk in your kitchen sink. Chalk consists of calcium carbonate that prevents insects from coming to your kitchen.
  • Salt is also quite beneficial to keep the tiny ants away from your precious household.

These are a few tricks and tips that are really helpful to keep your kitchen completely tiny ant-free!