10 Wall Colours That Match Oak Trim

Looking for ways to update your oak (or wood)?

There are hundreds of colors of wood. All stained slightly differently. Some boast pinkish/red undertones, others a warm orange, even bright yellow. Natural wood is beautiful and unique! Yet it can be hard to know how to handle it. Particularly when trying to modernize your home.

The easiest way to update your room whilst KEEPING your oak trim is to give your walls a quick makeover. All it takes is a wonderful splash of paint. Quick and easy.

All great advice! But what colors should you use?
Wall colors that match trim
In this article, we will discuss the best colors to both accent or soften your wood trim. (Note: If you’re looking to paint your oak trim then this article is not for you. Check out this guide on How to Paint Your Wood Trim White)

To accent or not to accent?

Perhaps if Hamlet was redecorating his kitchen, he might ask that question too.

It’s easy to think, “I want a modern, neutral room that camouflages the wood!”

But it can be equally as lovely to highlight the warm undertones of your wood. After all, it’s very unique!

Soon we will dive into detail about wall color choices. But before that, I’ve prepared a list of guidelines on what makes your trim “pop” and what does not.

To Soften:

  • Choose a color that has a similar depth to your wood. This will camouflage it, creating a smooth balance. (Be careful this doesn’t become too bland. Slightly darker or lighter paint will still keep it soft)
  • Find colors that have a similar undertone to that of your wood. (i.e if your wood is quite yellow chose a beige or cream with yellow undertones).

To Accent:

  • Paint colors that are much lighter than the color of the wood will make it pop.
  • Paint colors that are darker than the color of the wood will make it pop (be careful the room doesn’t begin to feel dark)

Types of Wood & Color

Let’s take a look at the different colors you may find in your trim and how best to balance their undertones.

An Orange Wood Finish

Orange color oak trim

The classic honey oak is a hybrid of yellow and red colors. Very warm and homely.

A Yellow Wood Finish

Yellow color oak trim at Gifted House.com
A light undertone. Light brown wood with hints of yellow popping through.

A Red/Pink Wood Finish

Red wooden trim kitchen
Rich and deep. Adds a lot of color to the room.

PS: I have listed 3 of the most common. However, your wood may pick up more than one of these undertones or even have another!

Top 10 matching color suggestions

Ok, here we go!

Here is a list of my Top 10 color suggestions for oak wood. (Remember: Not all will match YOUR oak wood. Think about what undertones your trim has when reading the suggestions)

1. Teal

Teal color wall and oak trim color combination
Teal color wall and oak trim color combination.
  • Works well with: Yellow/Orange/Light Undertones
  • Accents or Softens: Accents

This color is great for a bright family home. I would suggest using it as a feature wall. Combine with a clean white for a crisp and modern edge. Adds a little “pop” to the room whilst displaying your beautiful oak trim.

2. Medium Grey

Grey wall Oak trim combo

  • Works well with: Yellow/Orange/Light Undertones
  • Accents or Softens: Accents

I love this look! Oakwood stands out when matched with a deeper grey. An effortlessly modern interior.

3. Warm Beige

Warm Beige wall oak trim combo

  • Works well with: All Wood
  • Accents or Softens: Softens

Beige is a classic way to camouflage your wood. As it shares many of the warm hues found in all oak wood, it’s a great way to soften the look.
Be careful the room doesn’t become a little bland. Pair with fun furnishings and lighter curtains for a modern look.

4. Red/Brown

Red Wall and wood trim color

  • Works well with: Red Undertones
  • Accents or Softens: Softens

You guessed it! Red goes with red. This is a very unique look that would work well in a country home or a large family kitchen. The red undertones in the wood compliment the paint. A great combination.

5. Cream

  • Works well with: All Wood
  • Accents or Softens: Accents Darker Wood, Softens Lighter Wood

A cream wall paint is a great all-rounder. It works well with all shades of oak. Use cream to camouflage or accent your trim, depending on the shade.

6. Tan

  • Works well with: Yellow Wood
  • Accents or Softens: Softens

Tan shares yellow undertones. It’s a great way to create a seamless look from the wall to trim.

Be careful it doesn’t become a little outdated. Try a darker tan shade and let the yellow wood give the room a little lift.

7. Sage Green

Sage green walls, wooden trim and furniture with white ceiling

  • Works well with: Orange/Red Wood Trim
  • Accents or Softens: Both

Sage Green is a lovely color to pair with oak trim. Whilst it doesn’t necessarily camouflage the wood, it doesn’t let it take center stage either. In the above picture, the warm ceiling light makes the green wall appear warmer. The actual sage green gives the room a lighter feel. It looks great combined with a light grey or white.

8. Blue/Grey

  • Works well with: Medium to Dark Undertones
  • Accents or Softens: Softens

Similar to Sage Green, a blue/grey color gives the space a little lift. It’s fun but not overbearing. It’s light and airy and works well in all rooms in the house.

9. Navy

  • Works well with: Light Undertones
  • Accents or Softens: Accents

Navy is a great way to accent lighter wood. It’s modern and fresh and looks stylish in most spaces.

Don’t paint all your walls Navy. It looks great as a feature in your kitchen or living room. Pair with a white to bring lightness to the room.

10. Clean White

Whitewall with wood trim combo

  • Works well with: All Wood Trim
  • Accents or Softens: Accents

Current and fresh! A clean, crisp white gives breadth to the room. It accents the color of the wood but looks contemporary and chic. You can soften the contrast with furnishings and wall art.

Your Turn

Thanks for checking out my suggestions on The Best Wall Colours to Match an Oak Trim. I hope you found it useful.

Follow the guide but be creative – it’s your home remember! Have fun and get painting.