What type of lighting is best for living room?

Living Room Lighting
Picking out living room lamps is not as easy as you think. This is because a lot of people overlook the importance of lighting. It is after all often the most taken for granted in living rooms.

Today, the interior decorators are fully aware of how much impact living room lamps have. It turns out that any indoor space is really an interplay of moods and personalities. You want your whole home to be a reflection of your character and personality and the one that enhances your mood. Lighting plays a central role in all of this. If anything, homeowners have become more intentional in their lighting choices. They now use it to make a statement in their living room design as well as in other interior areas.

So how do you create a perfect combination of lighting that marries both form and function as far as your living room space goes? If you are looking for ideas, you have come to the right place. Here are some you can start with. The secret is to mix and match and customize them so you can come up with lamps that really mirror the type of personal vibe that you desire got your living room.

Wall Art

If you have ever visited an art gallery or a museum, you should be familiar with the picture light that they utilize for every art piece. This lighting is beamed on to a specific area. The light isn’t scattered everywhere else and it has a unique purpose. It’s all about bringing forth the painting to life.

This only works for canvases, oil paintings, and not glass-covered pieces. Glass after all will reflect the light. You can play with wall art illumination to cast various shadows in your room based on the moods you are shooting for.

Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary or modern lighting enabled you to establish a different ambiance in your living room while at the same time keeping it classy and sophisticated. If you want it to remain smooth and sleek at the same time preserving some traditional accents, you can consider contemporary lighting. You need to have a clear sense of design to pull this off. It does require a little bit of boldness because even if there are traditional elements within the design, overall if not used properly, it might seem too loud. The goal is not to be boring and simultaneously not overwhelming your indoor space either.

There are so many variations of contemporary lighting styles. They come in a wide range of shapes, finishes, and textures. This is due to the fact that they are made from different materials. You need to not only pay attention to the whole look of the piece but also the quality of the light it gives out is top-notch and appropriate to your needs.

Sculptural Sconces

Wall lights or sconces can double as a source of light and aesthetics. They began during medieval times. At that time they were used to store torches and provide light to dark staircases. Now sculptural sconces have come a long way. They come in a number of designs and the secret is to find a style that works with the other accents in your living room.

Do you have a vintage or luxury style living room interior design? In the case you can easily find plenty of lamps to match your room. On the other hand, if you have a modern interior decoration, then take the time to find sconces that match your room design.

Corner Lamps

You can transform your dark corners from dead spaces into functional or usable reading nooks. All it takes is a lamp in the right spot and with the right form. Buy a comfortable chair and a standing lamp. Make sure that the lamp is tall enough to provide the light that hovers over your head as you read. Standing lamps also bring a design element to your living room. It all depends on how well they fit in with the rest of your furnishings and accent pieces.

Modern Lighting

Modern lighting is usually highly architectural. There’s a lot of metallic pieces that come in a wide range of angles. There are also contemporary composite materials that can be bent, twisted, and molded in a million and one ways.

The challenge with modern lighting is to come up with a great combination of form and function. It’s not enough that they look amazing but they also have to provide the right illumination. This is not an easy combination to get. Some examples are pendants that are hung really low, come in large sizes, or they come with table lamps that have a new age feel to it. The key to choosing the right modern lighting fixtures comes down to your sense of the whole existing personality of the room.

Centerpiece Lighting

When you design your living room, you have to scatter light all over the place to balance them out. However, when it comes to centerpiece lighting, you’re doing something completely different. You pick one fixture which will act as the focal point and the show stopper of your living room. The centerpiece is not going to be your couch, coffee table, nor the TV. Instead it’s one piece of lighting. The technique here is not to go too far. Don’t select too many pieces that you create a lot of internal noise. You’ll end up defeating your purpose. The goal is to bring everyone’s attention to the centerpiece as they enter the living room. It should work as a source of central lighting as well as a conversation starter.


If you really want to take the centerpiece lighting to next level, go for a chandelier at the center of the room.

Typically, a chandelier suits luxury and vintage style homes where a bright Chandelier hanging from the center would add a classy touch to it. However, today there are plenty of modern style chandeliers that you could easily spend hours looking for the right one. In fact one of these modern chandeliers can totally change the ambiance of your living room.

Layered Lighting

This is making sure that you have the source of light in every level of your living room other than the ceilings and walls. You can start from the top and go down every level to see if you can set up lighting there. You can try ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, LED lights in bookshelves, floor lamps, and then candles.

Ambient Lights

The goal of this type of lighting is to focus on creating a mood. People looking for ambient lighting know that their living room has a certain atmosphere. It didn’t come out of nowhere. It is something that mirrors their character, personal sensibilities, or their range of moods. In other words, this room is an extension of them. This is how methodical and systematic you have to be when picking ambient lighting. Otherwise, it’s going to clash and come off as cheap and loud.

You have to be clear from the onset of the overall personality you’re trying to project in your living room. You can then opt to install dimmers to your lighting so you can adjust the lighting levels in this area. It’s all about the mood but the great thing about this kind of light is that they are not intended to be seen. Even if they come in a certain design, it will not get your attention. It’s more of the light that they produce.

The final thoughts

Keep the tips above in mind if you’re stuck when it comes to finding the correct lighting fixtures and options for your interior living room space. Above all else, keep in mind that lighting is supposed to facilitate the general look, mood, and personality you’re hoping to create in this very important room. It’s not just a room where you spend a lot of time watching TV or lounging around. It is also a social space. Make it count. Make your decoration options truly reflect your personal style, character, and values.