Can I Use Windex Cleaner on Hardwood Floors?

Windex on Hardwood Floor
Yes – Windex is a popular choice for cleaning glass, stainless steel, hardwood floors, etc. The company offers three main products. The first is the original glass cleaner version. The second is the vinegar-based version. The third option is the ammonia-free version.
We would recommend using ammonia-free Windex for cleaning hardwood floors. It delivers fantastic results while keeping your floor free from damage. We would not recommend using an ammonia-based solution to clean your hardwood floor unless it has a cloudy haze.

Ammonia-Free Windex

The ammonia-free version of Windex is a safe, universal cleaner and will not damage your wooden floors. When you buy and test different cleaners on your floors, you’re exposing them to varying chemicals without knowing how they may react. Windex has developed an ammonia-free version, and the cleaning results are excellent. This product not only cleans your floors but windows, cultured marble, and glassware. This option is perfect if you’re looking for a multi-surface solution to cleaning.

Windex Multi-Surface Glass Cleaner
Ammonia-Free Windex for Hardwood Floors – Buy from Amazon

It doesn’t leave any debris on your floors compared to other competitors. Although many other options, such as the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, are popular, some say that Windex leaves fewer footprints.

Windex Ammonia Free Cleaner is a safe and successful solution. We would recommend using it with a Swiffer sweeper for the best results.

How Do I Clean Wooden Floors with Windex Cleaner?

Cleaning your wooden floors with Windex Cleaner is very easy. Just follow these few simple steps:

  1.  Vacuum/sweep your hardwood surface
  2. Attach your dry swabs to your Swiffer sweeper.
  3. Do not mix the cleaner with water and spray it directly on the floor.
  4. Clean the surface with a slow and steady motion (using the Swiffer sweeper/mop)
  5. Let the surface dry completely.

How Do I Clean a Cloudy Wooden Floor?

Sometimes your floor may become cloudy or hazy overtime.  Your surface may have a thin white film on top of the surface even after cleaning. This layer is usually due to trapped moisture, a buildup of floor cleaner, wax, or previous use of bad floor cleaner.

There are ways to both fix and prevent this. Let’s take a look:

To Prevent:

Avoid using wax or oil soaps-based products. Sticky polishes will add to buildups of debris – so you must use a cleaner suited to a hardwood floor.

Windex ammonia-free is a good option but so are Orange GLO 4-in-1 Monthly Polish Hardwood Floor and Bona-Hardwood Cleaner Spray.

To Fix:

  • Warm Water:
    If the build-up is not too bad, you can simply use a hot cloth to remove the build-up. Give this a go before you try a more radical solution.
  • Sand and Refine:
    Employ a professional to revive your cloudy wooden floor. They will sand, refine and polish the floor – delivering excellent results.
  • Use an Ammonia Solution:
    Ammonia is a powerful floor cleaner with sticky stains. It can be used to dissolve the top layer of haze. Use with caution to prevent further damage. Windex Original does use ammonia – this is an option you could try.
  • Steam Cleaning:
    Steam cleaning is a great way to remove dirt and stubborn stains while eliminating germs from your wooden floors. Only use steam on a fully sealed floor.
  • Vinegar cleaning:
    White vinegar is a non-toxic natural product and a common cleaning remedy.

    It can safely clean most hard surfaces when used sparingly. Because of its acidic nature, white vinegar is useful for removing residues such as grease and hard water stains.

  • Top tip: Add a few drops of essential oil to personalize the scent.

7 Best Cleaners for a Hardwood Floor

1. Murphy Oil Soap Wood Cleaner

This product is one of the cheapest hardwood cleaners on the market. For the price, this hardwood cleaner delivers pretty good results!

Murphy Oil Soap Concentrated Wood Cleaner, Original, 32 Oz (Pack of 3)
Murphy Oil Soap Concentrated Wood Cleaner – Buy from Amazon

The fragrance of the cleaner has a strong but satisfactory scent. It’s readily available in local shops as well as on Amazon US.

This cleaner is diluted with water – making it a cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

Do not use this product too often, as the oil base may make for a residue build-up.

2. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray

This high-quality solution is a popular choice for many homeowners.  It gently cleans your floors and effortlessly removes dirt, dust, and debris.

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill, 128 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Clear

The bottle comes with a handy spray, making it easy to apply the quick-drying formula in one even layer.

It claims to leave a breathtaking natural shine without streaks or residue.

The Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray is a water-based solution. It is Greenguard Gold certified, which means it is safe for your home and family.

3. Zep Commercial Hardwood & Laminate Floor

Zep Commercial is a seriously tough solution. It was initially developed for busy industrial spaces, making it a powerful cleaner in the home.  It effectively removes stains from hardwoods or laminates. Zep gives your floor a new lease of life with minimal fuss and faint scent.

Zep 1041692 Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner, 1 gal Bottle
Zep Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner – Buy from Amazon

4. Libman Hardwood Floor Cleaner

This Libman floor cleaning formula is mixed with water making it a long-lasting product. The bottle cap has a handle for easy carrying and a built-in cup for easy measurement. Simply squeeze the bottle and fill the spoon with the detergent’s recommended amount. Then pour the solution into a bucket or mop container.

Libman 2065 Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner with Squeeze Bottle

A small bottle makes four gallons cleaner, and the clever use of packaging prevents spillage and means you don’t need a measuring cup!

5. Better Life Natural Floor Cleaner

Yes, you read it right! It’s a natural floor cleaner. It means that no harmful ingredients are used in its manufacture. Plus, it’s efficient for restoring hardwood surfaces.
The bergamot, peppermint, and extracts mix well and provide a thriving scent that enhances a good mood!

Better Life Floor Cleaner

Apart from hardwood surfaces, you can use this product on a wide variety of tiles, laminated floors, engineered floors, vinyl, and many other surfaces!

You can pour it directly on the floor, squirt it, or use a cloth or mop.

6. Method Wood Floor Cleaner

The Method Wood Floor Cleaner is another excellent product for hardwood floors and laminate floors. It’s a plant-based product that inflicts no harm on the environment. It has an easy-to-apply method, which makes cleaning quick and stress-free.

Method Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Method Squirt and Mop Hardwood cleaner – Buy from Amazon

This cleaner ensures no waxy buildup and prevents your hardwood floors from turning cloudy.

7. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood/Laminate Floor Cleaner

The Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood/Laminate Floor Cleaner is environmentally friendly. It is a hypoallergenic cleaner made from water and biodegradable surfactants. It effectively removes all dirt and stains – even fingerprints! This cleaner also prevents new residues from sticking to the floor surface, reducing the amount of cleaning needed in the future.

Black Diamond Floor Cleaner
Black Diamond Hardwood Cleaner – Buy from Amazon

There you have it, our list of top hardwood floor cleaning solutions. While you can use products such as Fabusolo and the ammonia-free Windex on hardwood floors, we recommend you use a dedicated hardwood cleaner from the above list.