Carpet vs. Rug: Differences & Which is Better?

Difference between carpet and rug
Are you stuck between carpet and rug?

You know you’re after a cozy room. Something soft underfoot to treat your toes. But should you opt for a full wall to wall coverage? Or a versatile area rug for your new interior adventure.

Today we’re going to look at the differences between rugs and carpets and which is the best decision for your home.

What is the difference between carpet and rug?

The size! It’s pretty obvious but definitely worth explaining.

Carpets take up the entire space, covering the floor from wall to wall. They tend to be attached to the floor.

Rugs however, are large cuts of carpet which do not go wall to wall but usually measure up to around 2m in length. They are not attached to the floor and often require a non-slip net underneath to stop any movement.

Now we’ve cleared that up, it’s time to work out which option is best for your home.

Rugs vs. Carpet – Which is Better?

Not your usual battle, but it should be a close competition!

Let’s take a look at these 12 categories. Who will win the fight for the best flooring?


Because of the wall to wall coverage, carpets are great for insulation. They provide far more warmth than rugs and keep the heat trapped in the room.

If your house suffers from winter chills then wall to wall carpet is the most sensible option.

Winner: Carpet


Carpets are attached to the floor. They don’t move and provide great padding for any trips or bumps.

Wall to wall carpet
Wall to wall carpet offers better stability when compared to rugs.

Rugs definitely lack stability. Although non-slip nets work well, there is still a chance of movement. There is also the danger of tripping over the edge of a rug. If you have kiddies at home (or clumsy adults), perhaps this is not the safest option for you.

Winner: Carpet


Time for Rugs to spice up the contest!

Rugs are far cheaper than carpet. There are some exceptions, such as a fashionable Persian rug, but all in all, rugs are far kinder to the wallet.

Winner: Rugs


Rugs are super versatile. They come in all shapes, patterns, textures, and sizes. They are great for zoning off areas in the home and have the ability to make a house very personable and unique.
Colorful rugs designs
Because rugs don’t need any installation, they are far cheaper. It is easier to change or rotate your rugs often. If you love decorating and like to keep you home fresh and on-trend, a rug is the most suitable option for you.

Although you can buy a carpet in any color or pattern, they need far more time and installation. Once you have a carpet in your room it will be timely and costly to change it. It’s important you chose a carpet you like and will work well with your furniture. Your carpet will have a lifespan of around 5-10 years. So treat it kindly and make sure you love it!

Winner: Rugs


Both rugs and carpet offer the utmost comfort to your feet when compared to hardwood or tile flooring.
For instance, a wall to wall wool carpet can be very comfortable although bit expensive. If you are on a budget you can place fluffy rugs over a regular carpet as well in front of your sofa in the living room or in the bedroom.

Winner: Tie

Sound Proofing

Carpets have a large surface area. They absorb sound well and are perfect for a loud family home. If you’re looking for less echo and mumbling voices, then a carpet is the best option.

Winner: Carpet


You have seen that both rugs and carpet are comfortable. Here I am talking about the safety aspect.
If your house is accident prone I would suggest investing in a good carpet. They are usually bouncier and less easy to trip over due to the secure edges.

Winner: Carpet

Homely Harmonisation

This one is a tricky category. On one hand, it is easy to get the exact same carpet throughout the home. Having a similarity between your rooms is calming and easy on the eye.

However, if you want to show off your beautiful wooden flooring, then rugs are a great option. They allow some similarities between each room. Yet they inject each space with a splash of personality.

Winner: Both


Rugs are far easier to clean than carpets. You can pick them up, move them about, and even shake out the dust! When you’re in a rush all they need is a simple hoover.

You can also take your rugs to a professional to be cleaned. They come out looking spick and span!

Carpets are easy to hoover! However, for a deeper clean you may need to invest in a carpet cleaner. Because you change carpets less often it’s important to make sure they stay in top condition.

Winner: Rugs


This is a tough one because it depends on your preference.

Many modern homeowners prefer rugs. They are more versatile and add a fashionable edge to the room. Yet the carpet is always popular in a family home. They are often cozier and give a warm homely feel.

This category is still up for grabs!

Winner: Tie


Carpets are difficult to install. They require professional removal and installation which can be costly!

Rugs are cheaper and easier to replace and they require no such process. Simply lay down an anti-slip mat and you’re good to go!

Winner: Rugs

Small Rooms

Rugs are the champions of small rooms. They make the area feel bigger and make cleaning a whole lot easier! If you’re renting a space they add a dash of personality that makes your home feel cozy.

Winner: Rugs

Large Rooms

Large living room carpet
Large rooms can often become cold and a little lifeless. A soft cozy carpet should sort this out! Rugs can also look great especially when separating sections in an open-plan space. However, carpets are best at bringing a homely vibe.

Winner: Carpet

Who is your winner?
As with all design decisions, it’s important to assess both appearance and practicality. What style are you aiming for? What is most sensible for your home? How much are you willing to spend?

Think about the factors most important for you and your family. We’re sure our little analysis will have been able to point you in the right direction!