Black Wood Flooring. 5 Elegant Ideas

So, you’re toying with the idea of a Black Wood floor.

Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through Instagram, noticing them become increasingly popular on many interior design accounts. Or you’re looking to upscale in a dramatically different way. Or perhaps you want a dark floor to hide any stains or muddy footprints from kids and furry friends.

Whatever your reason, we’re going to talk you through the cleaning of Black Wood flooring and five stylish options to get your home looking fresh and modern in no time!

Are Dark Wood Floors Out of Style?

Black Wood Flooring Ideas
To the boomer generation amongst us, Black wooden floors may seem like a bizarre interior design trend indeed. For those who grew up with light floral patterns and paisley rugs, having a completely black base seems rather soulless.

However, much like neutral curtains and color pop walls, it seems the black Wood floor trend is here to stay. It is mainly due to its ability to match with most other design elements and its easy-to-maintain properties. It’s very popular with young homeowners who favor simplicity and minimalism.

5 Stylish Black Wood Flooring Options

Here is a list of 5 elegant black flooring ideas including hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, and more.

Black Solid Hardwood Flooring

Black Solid Hardwood flooring is probably the most expensive flooring option on our list, but for a good reason! Solid hardwood is available in both pre-finished (in this case, brushed and lacquered black) and unfinished boards. It has the longevity that surpasses other options (such as engineered wood) and can last between 30 to 100 years. Solid hardwood flooring can stand numerous rounds of resanding and refinishing and will cost you an average of $8 to $15 per square foot.

Black hardwood floor
Black solid hardwood is quite hard to find. The oak (or other wood types) will need to be stained to get a genuinely black finish. This can be done before you purchase or after (see point 5). Most people buy solid hardwood floors to enjoy the natural color of the wood and so refrain from staining it dark. The floor needs to be stained every few years to keep its dark color, and many feel the stain ruins the beauty and simplicity of the wood.

Our next option is a more cost-effective alternative, favored by most homeowners.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood has an appearance that is very similar to solid hardwood. However, its construction is very different. Engineered wood uses a thin layer of hardwood which is bonded over a premium-quality plywood layer. Although it lasts less time than solid hardwood (typically 25 to 30 years), it is easier for DIYers to install with either nails or glue.

Black Engineered Wood Floor
Engineered hardwood flooring is usually sold pre-finished, and many chose to stain the wood as there are fewer natural colors available than there are with solid hardwood. Most black hardwood flooring you see is probably engineered wood as it is easier to stain and does not support a rich natural wood color.

Black Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a more affordable option than both the woods listed above. It also has many advantages, such as easy cleaning, excellent durability, and is perfect for homes suspect to a lot of wear and tear from feet and paws. It also withstands moisture better than wood and the color doesn’t fade quickly due to the laminates topcoat.

Black Laminate floor
Black laminate flooring looks contemporary and stylish. It works well in a large, minimalistic space. You might find a few problems with laminate because it doesn’t repair easily and can’t be sanded down or refinished. It sometimes looks a little artificial, so make sure to order a sample before you buy.

Black Vinyl Planks

Vinyl floors are surprisingly inexpensive and often look like the real thing! However, Vinyl flooring does have a lot of disadvantages. It’s important to note that Vinyl Planks cannot be repaired and have a shorter lifespan than wood floors.

If you’re a DIY homeowner, it may interest you to find that vinyl planks are difficult to remove if the adhesive has been used during their installation. On top of this, Vinyl floors are bad for the environment and possibly your health. They can emit volatile organic compounds, damaging your health, and they are not eco-friendly as they are difficult to recycle.

Black Vinyl Floor
That being said, if you are still interested in Vinyl planks as an option for your Black Wood Flooring, then there are a lot of attractive options available. They come in various colors and shades, and although they are made of a different material, they look very similar to Engineered wood.

Black Wood Stains

If you already have a wooden floor or would like to buy a wooden floor pre-finished, you will need to invest in a quality dark stain to create the blackwood effect.

There are lots of shades available on the market. One important thing to remember is that the color usually looks different in person than it does in a picture, so make sure you do a proper patch test first.

Many people opt for a black Wood stain to see the grain of the wood, giving the room a more natural look.

Dark wood stain

If you’re looking to hide the grain, opt for a thick black oil satin wood stain such as Varathane Ebony Wood stain.

Keeping Black Wood Flooring Clean

Are black floors hard to keep clean? Not really; if you know how to maintain it. Here are some top tips for cleaning your Black wooden floor.

  1. Start at the furthest point in the room.

Start your cleaning at the furthest point away from the door. This minimizes footprints during mopping.

1. Wear shoes or socks

This is during cleaning and throughout the day. Wearing clean shoes (like slippers) and socks can minimize the appearance of bare footprints, which is often a bugbear to those with dark flooring.

2. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner will ensure all debris and dirt has been picked up before you begin mopping. Ensure the vacuum cleaner uses soft bristles and won’t scratch the surface.

3. Try a Dry Dust Mop

A dry dust mop is excellent for a quick whiz round when you aren’t prepared to give the floor a complete clean. It’s like the dry shampoo for flooring, perfect between washes!

4. By a hardwood floor cleaner

It’s essential to pick a cleaner, specifically for hardwood floors. Some chemicals can damage the surface, so be sure to choose wisely.