Types of Ceiling Lights

Types of Ceiling Lights
What is the best type of ceiling lights for home and office and which kind of lights are in fashion now?

If you plan on doing some spring cleaning for your home, you’re probably thinking that you would need to get new pieces of wardrobe or clean up the clutter both in your interior home spaces as well as in your garden.

You might also be thinking of trying to spruce up your home with some touches here and there. In fact, one of the best ways to do this is to come up with fresh ceiling light ideas. If you are thinking that a room or in some sort of interior space in your home feels somewhat off or awkward, a lot of it has to do with the lighting.

Change the lighting and you’d be surprised as to how much the overall room’s mood or impression changes. That’s how important lighting is. Here are some ceiling light ideas if you are stumped regarding this kind of change.

Cluster Lights

Employ various lights in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Turn them into some sort of artwork or designer piece. This will not only look good because it seems very hip and modern, but it also acts as a very functional piece. It does provide lighting in addition to being a conversation starter.

This can be used in any room in your house that has high ceilings. You can also use them across hallways. Feel free to experiment with what works. It all depends on your personal preferences and sense of style.

Please understand that you are trying to change the mood of the room. So keep that functional objective firmly in mind.

Fairy Lamps

As you can tell by the name of this type of lighting, this has a kind of an otherworldly effect in any kind of room. Fairy lights have been considered trendy nowadays because they use tiny lights and introduce Edison bulbs in your home.

Fairy lights work to grab attention and provides a modern look to any kind of interior space. They also fit quite well in the kitchen and can double as fantastic lighting fixtures. They’re just not all looks. They can be quite functional.

Pendant Lamps

You can either use a simple pendant light or you can make a very big statement in your home by using one of these as a focal point. In other words, not only can they be a cast member or part of the repertoire of lighting in your home, but they can also be front and center.

That’s how versatile pendant lights can be. In fact, this type of lighting can be an industrial light. It is not only simple and elegant, but it also draws the right kind of attention. You can use linear pendant lights which are all the rage nowadays.

You can place these on top of your dining area and enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends while enjoying great lighting and setting the right mood. It can also work well with a rustic or industrial theme.

Minimalist Fixture Lights

As the old Zen saying goes, less is more. Minimalist fixture lights can definitely deliver on this saying. Monochromatic and minimalist themes are a good pair but will look amazing with the appropriate lighting.

Minimalist fixtures provide a warm ambiance to spare space. In other words, you don’t have much furniture, and a lot of your interior space is made up of one color and the focus is to enhance the overall mood and effect of the interior living space.

Minimalist fixture lights can definitely help you achieve that mood. It also looks very good from an aesthetic perspective.

Extraordinary Chandeliers

If you are looking to make an over the top and larger than life statement, why not do it with extraordinary chandeliers? You can steer away from the classic and overly luxurious chandeliers that are reminiscent of Las Vegas strip casinos.

Instead you can choose one that has similar styling but is still within a tasteful realm and quite unique and fashionable. Your chandelier can act as an overhead art piece. You can bet that people will start conversations over it.

It can be the center of the show, but at the same time, it doesn’t come off as tacky, gaudy, or classless. The key here is a little bit of understatement but at the same time, a larger than life persona. There is a healthy balance to be achieved.

You can also put one of these in your dining room or living room.

LED Lamps

To kick off your modern interior space’s overall look, try LED ceiling lights. These may be installed along the crevices in your ceiling and create a large open airy contemporary space. It does deliver quite a bit of a wow factor for any kind of home.

It is amazingly energy efficient so you can expect your lights to work for a very long time. They are also very affordable, environmentally friendly, and require minimum maintenance.

Industrial Lights

These work in your kitchen and dining space, but some models today can be employed in other areas of your house as well. If you have an office or a den, industrial lights can make that interior space look really good.

The ambient glow will pair perfectly with your dining table or maybe as a centerpiece in your living room. Industrial lights have a distinctive look, so they can be a conversation piece. They can be put front and center and you won’t be embarrassed.

Pendant lights can be paired with industrial lights to give a nice minimalist yet trendy overall look to any kind of interior space in your home.

The final words:

If you’re looking for the best lighting ideas, take a look at the list above. Pay close attention to the kind of overall look you’re trying to achieve with any interior space and pick the relevant lighting that will help you pull it off.