Putting Fridge on Carpet

Imagine buying a brand-new refrigerator, only to come home and realize that you have no proper place in the house to store it. If this situation sounds familiar, then we are here to answer all of your fridge-related questions.

While fridges are an important part of the house, there are many people who live in small spaces and are unable to allocate a specific place to the fridge. In such cases, people wonder if they can put their fridge on a carpet or whether it is safe to place a piece of cardboard underneath the fridge.

If these are the kind of questions that you have been asking yourself, then prepare to have all of your queries resolved in an instant.

Can You Put a Mini Fridge on Carpet?

Mini fridge on carpet floor inside bedroom
I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but the truth is that it is not safe to keep your fridge on the carpet.

There are a few reasons for this recommendation, including:

  • Carpets block the airflow into the condenser of the fridge that aids the cooling process.
  • Carpets retain heat and may overheat your fridge.
  • The compressor would be under pressure when placed on a carpet, leading to higher energy consumption and higher electricity bills.
  • If the fridge or the compressor overheats, the entire refrigerator could stop working.
  • The heat from the bottom of the fridge can make the color of the carpet fade.

Due to all of these reasons, no electrical appliance expert would ever recommend placing your fridge on a carpet. Not only does it damage the lifetime of the appliance, but even damages the carpet that you are placing it on.

But what if you already have a carpeted kitchen and no other place to store a fridge in a small space? The solution to the problem is to take a few precautionary steps to keep your appliance and home safe.

What to Put Under a Fridge on Carpet?

Whether you have a full-sized fridge or a mini fridge, you should always place something underneath the appliance instead of placing it directly on the carpet or rug. This avoids a few of the problems that we stated earlier – including a buildup of heat or blockage of air flow.

The purpose of using something underneath the fridge is to create a layer of flooring between the carpet and the appliance. To do this, you can use a solid wood board that is the same size as the fridge’s base, a plastic mat, piece of linoleum, or even some vinyl flooring. Any material that allows for air to flow underneath the fridge will work well enough.

Carpet Protector

If your main concern is to keep the carpet neat and clean, here are two products that we recommend:

1. Spill Tray

To avoid the hassle of cleaning up your carpet after there has been some leakage or condensation buildup, you can simply opt for a spill tray like this one. This tray comes in one piece and has thick walls that will not bend or crack under the weight of the fridge. Instead of the leakage from the fridge soaking directly on to the carpet, this tray will contain all of the water and prevent any water damages.

Refrigerator Spill Tray to protect carpet
Under the Refrigerator Spill Tray – Buy from Amazon

Since the tray is a little deep in height, it also allows for air circulation under the fridge where the compressor is. By investing in a spill tray like this, you can easily control the mess created by your fridge or mini fridge.

2. Under Refrigerator Mat

The second product that we recommend is this magic under refrigerator mat. Since it is made with absorbent fabric, the mat will be able to absorb any water leakage or condensation from the fridge before it reaches your carpet. This mat keeps your carpet safe since the side underneath is coated with waterproof PVC film. Apart from preventing any liquids from soaking through, the PVC film also helps keep the mat in place.

Under the Refrigerators Mat for carpet floor protection
Under the Refrigerators Mat – Buy from Amazon

Once you feel like the mat has gotten dirty, you can easily clean it by hand or with a washing machine. This makes the mat highly reusable and hygienic.

Precautionary Measures to Protect Carpet

Once you have placed your fridge on a carpet, here are a few more precautionary measures that you should take:

1. Keeping the Fridge Closed

When you keep the fridge on a carpet, it may be difficult to fully close the fridge door if it is dragging on the carpet. Ensure that your fridge door has enough space to open and close, and that it does not drag the carpet with it.

2. Cool the Coil

While this precautionary measure may have sounded like a tongue twister, we cannot emphasize how important it is to keep the coil of your fridge cool at all times. Most mini fridges have rear-cooling coil which is convenient if you are placing the fridge on a carpet.

However, if your fridge has coil at the bottom of the unit, then you need to ensure that it is kept cool with a proper passage of air.

3. Examine for Leakage

Before damaging your plush or wool carpet with water, you should check for any holes or leakages from the fridge. These are usually found on the fridge door where there can be a condensation buildup that leads to water damage on the carpet.

To properly examine the fridge, it is recommended to run your hand along the sides and corners and look for any escaping cold air.

Can I Put a Mini Fridge on Cardboard?

In case your Amazon delivery is going to take a few days and you have already bought your refrigerator home, you can put a piece of cardboard underneath. However, remember that this is a highly temporary fix since the cardboard will not be able to resist the condensation from the compressor of the fridge.

We would recommend only using cardboard for up to 24 hours under your fridge. Any time period longer than that could result in a worn-out and soggy piece of cardboard that could damage the compressor and coils of the fridge.

Is It Safe to Have a Fridge in Your Bedroom?

What if your kitchen space is full and you have no other room to keep your fridge in? In this case, yes, it is safe to have a fridge in the bedroom.

Some people also purchase special mini fridges for their bedrooms to store drinks or snacks. These are a popular option amongst college students who have small dorm rooms.

As long as you have a modern refrigerator that is not too old, then the fridge will only produce a limited amount of radiation. This is not harmful for the human body.

Closing Thoughts

With this detailed blog post about keeping your fridge on the carpet and useful accessories for it, we hope that you are now equipped with all the information that you need to store your electrical appliances safely.

Remember to avoid any condensation buildups under your fridge to keep the carpet safe and try to invest in a spill tray or fridge mat to prevent any water damage.